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Titan Quests  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.0.12
by: Luke1410 [More]

Titan Quests adds a new button on Titan Panel, granting direct access to the quest list and some quest-related functionality.

A couple of the features Titan Quests provides are:

  • adds a quest icon to Titan Panel, showing the number of completed/total quests
  • shows detailed quest statistic on mouse-over (number of elite quests, pvp quests,...)
  • shows a quest list of all currently accepted quests upon right-clicking the Titan Quests icon
  • shows detailed quest information when mousing over a quest in the quest list
  • allows to add/remove quests from the quest watcher by left-clicking on a quest in the quest list
  • shortcut to open/close the quest log by left-clicking on the Titan Quests icon
  • customizable elements (all visible elements can be configured)
  • little performance impact on the game (only performs updates, when quest-related events occur)
  • complete English/German translation, partial French/Spanish/Latin American/Russian translation - more languages can be supported with help from volunteers
  • high code quality (due to use of automated tests, profiling, bug tracking, a clean architectural design and a beta release schedule prior to the release of each version)

The official homepage for the plugin is: http://www.luke1410.de/typo3/index.php?id=titanquests

Please report any bugs/issues/feature requests in the official bugtracker: http://www.luke1410.de:8090/issues/?...D%20Unresolved

+ = added feature
* = changed feature (bugfixes, changed behavior, etc.)
- = removed feature

version 3.0.12 (08-04-2015 20:21 UTC)
* corrected timestamp for previous release in changelog

version 3.0.12 - beta 1 (07-21-2015 22:43 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 6.2.x

version 3.0.11 (11-18-2014 21:17 UTC)
* updated readme file

version 3.0.11 - beta 1 (10-28-2014 21:03 UTC)
* fixed incompatibility issues with WoW 6.0.x
* updated toc for WoW 6.0.x

version 3.0.10 (10-13-2013 17:20 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.10 - beta 1

version 3.0.10 - beta 1 (09-25-2013 20:40 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 5.4.x

version 3.0.9 (06-16-2013 17:27 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.9 - beta 2

version 3.0.9 - beta 2 (05-27-2013 21:55 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 5.3.x

version 3.0.9 - beta 1 (03-10-2013 18:35 UTC)
* fixed incompatibility issues with WoW 5.2.x (thanks for Tazany for reporting the bug)
* updated toc for WoW 5.2.x
* corrected timestamp for previous release in changelog

version 3.0.8 (01-01-2013 17:30 UTC)
* corrected timestamps for previous releases in changelog

version 3.0.8 - beta 1 (12-18-2012 13:10 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 5.1.x

version 3.0.7 (09-18-2012 20:22 UTC)
* corrected timestamps for previous releases in changelog

version 3.0.7 - beta 2 (09-04-2012 04:34 UTC)
* fixed Lua error on trying to set a glyph via the Glyph UI

version 3.0.7 - beta 1 (09-02-2012 21:20 UTC)
* fixed incompatibility issues with WoW 5.0.x
* updated toc for WoW 5.0.x

version 3.0.6 (12-09-2011 19:52 UTC)
* updated readme file

version 3.0.6 - beta 1 (12-01-2011 09:02 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 4.3.x
* updated AceLocale lib from 3.0-2 to 3.0-6

version 3.0.5 (07-18-2011 06:53 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.5 - beta 1

version 3.0.5 - beta 1 (07-04-2011 20:26 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 4.2.x

version 3.0.4 (05-15-2011 17:46 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.4 - beta 1

version 3.0.4 - beta 1 (05-01-2011 09:46 UTC)
* updated toc for WoW 4.1.x

version 3.0.3 (01-23-2010 22:04 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.3 - beta 1

version 3.0.3 - beta 1 (12-29-2010 02:44 UTC)
* fixed incorrectly grouped/sorted questlist (thanks to Woundheir for reporting the bug)
* fixed FrameXML.log warnings

version 3.0.2 (12-20-2010 14:38 UTC)
* no changes compared to 3.0.2 - beta 1

version 3.0.2 - beta 1 (11-28-2010 14:38 UTC)
* fixed checkboxes being visible for all entries in the Titan Quests menus (even for menus)
* minor corrections in the changelog

version 3.0.1 (11-15-2010 22:44 UTC)
* fixed incorrect version number in addon-menu (was reported as version 3.0,1 - beta 1 for non-russian versions)
* updated Russian localization (thanks to hotZED)

version 3.0.1 - beta 1 (10-27-2010 17:11 UTC)
* fixed incompatibility issues with WoW 4.0.x
* fixed Titan Panel error message about duplicated registering of Titan Quests on startup
* fixed incorrect positioning of wrapped quest objectives in the quest detail view (all lines except the last one of wrapped objectives were positioned too high)
* fixed long quest objectives exceeding the window length (long objectives are wrapped now)
* fixed Titan Quests button text being larger than the button texts for all other Titan Panel Plugins (thanks to Joseph Jankowski for reporting this bug)
* fixed incorrect version number (version 3.0.0 was still reported as 3.0.0 - beta 1)
* updated toc for WoW 4.0.x
* updated readme file
- removed honor points from reward section since quests no longer reward any honor points directly

version 3.0.0 (05-23-2010 14:26 UTC)
* reviewed readme file and made some minor updates

version 3.0.0 - beta 1 (04-28-2010 23:52 UTC)
+ added support for heroic quests (quest counter and quest filter added - prefix used in questlist: "h")
+ added shift-left-click on quests in the questlist to open the questlog for the selected quest directly or toggle watching the quest (the behavior of the left-click can be changed via a new setting in the options dialog - this functionality was restored from pre 1.0 versions)
+ added database upgrade facility
+ added text to the questlist, if no quest matches the selected filter
+ added more hints for left-/right-click actions
+ added readme file
+ added 3rd party libraries (AceLocale and LibStub)
* the mod is now distributed under the GPL v3 license (added gpl-3.0.txt and added licensing notes to all lua files)
* changed version numbering style to [major].[minor].[bugfix]
* refactored questlist handling to improve overall performance (performance for the most common use-cases was increased by up to 50%)
* refactored entire code structure and moved to a more OO-design (added/removed several lua files, moved all variables to TitanQuests global in order to reduce pollution of the global namespace)
* refactored localization system (made use of AceLocale, moved localization files to separate folder, added complete localization support)
* fixed issue with grayed-out buttons when displaying too long quest details
* fixed questlist being displayed off-screen when there are too many quests (occurs especially when using a lower resolutions)
* fixed one issue with the tick-symbol for quest rewards not behaving correctly
* fixed party members being clickable in quest party member list
* fixed crashes with German WoW clients
* fixed garbled questlist when sorting by title
* changed Titan Quest tooltip layout (removed static/redundant information, improved the layout of quest counters)
* changed quest details display when mousing over a quest in the quest list (only display information which actually exist, removed quest detail text / summary text, changed color support to comply with the color code for completed/failed objectives)
* changed quest list complete/failed display (removed "*" and "!" for completed/failed quests and made coloring for completed/failed quests/objectives consistent throughout TitanQuests)
* changed default sort order from "location" back to "title" (as it was in pre 1.0 versions)
* changed the behavior of toggling sort/show quest settings (when clicking on the current selected entry it will no longer set the setting back to its default (i.e. the current setting is unchanged) )
* changed prefix for daily quests from "y" to "*"
* improved text wrapper function (words are no longer separated in between and "_"-characters no longer pollute the text output)
* spell rewards are now clickable, whenever possible
* moved the toggle icon/text settings back into the options dialog (as it was in pre 1.0 versions)
* all quests can now be added to the watchlist (since WoW no longer has any restrictions for the watchlist)
* better error reporting, if problems related to localization occur
* improved German localization
* moved all documentation to doc subdirectory
* updated changelog to contain older version information and unified timestamps to use UTC
* minor changes (mostly code layout, optimization and removed deprecated code/comments)
- removed quest description and summary from quest detail view (this reduces the size of the single quest view --- open the questlog, if you need to read the detailed information)
- removed quest details setting switches (all details are displayed, if applicaple)
- removed toggle options menu - the menu provided entries to toggle the quest log as well as for several third party addons (like QuestIOn, QuestHistory, etc.) - considering the efford required to always keep the toggling integration up-to-date with all these third party addons and with the added feature to toggle the questlog with a simple left-click on the Titan Quest icon, the decision had been made to remove this feature
- removed quest event display (since that's considered a feature outside the scope of Titan Quests)
- removed persistant quest tracking support - since that functionality was added to WoW 3.3.0, and hence became redundant
- removed option to use colored-text only (all text would be green)
- removed TitanQuests.xml (since it's no longer required - creation of frame objects has been moved to wowintegration.lua)

version 2.14.30300 (12-13-2009)
* updated russian translation (thanks to StingerSoft)

version 2.12.30300 (12-12-2009)
* updated toc version because the zip was not right

version 2.11.30300 (12-12-2009)
* updated toc#

version 2.10.30200 (08-11-2009)
+ added required money in the objectives, if there is any
* changed the 'Link Quest' to put a clickable link into chat rather than text
* changed the 'complete' and 'failed' from text after the title to '*' (green) for complete and '!' (red) after the level
* changed the tooltip text

version 2.09.30200 (07-05-2009)
+ added more info to the quest reward line
+ added talent points, title, and honor points to the Rewards section, if given as a reward
* GetDifficultyColor moved and became GetQuestDifficultyColor
* per Blizz changes, the way the quest log is parsed was changed

version 2.08.30100 (04-05-2009)
* modified Titan options per upcoming changes (the Titan options are now at the bottom of the first menu rather than under the 'options' to be in line with other Titan addons)
* modified watched quests to work with 3.1 patch changes
* quests now honors the Titan 'colored text'

version 2.07.30000 (02-??-2009)
+ added <complete>/<total> to the tooltip
* fixed an issue where the check mark would not be in sync with the watched quests

version 2.06.30000 (02-01-2009)
* fixed russian translation not working (thanks to djDan)

version 2.05.30000 (02-01-2009)
+ added russian translation (thanks to djDan)
+ added a button to the quest details menu (2nd menu) which will open the quest log at that quest (other addons that 'override' the quest log will work such as Lightheaded or Carbonite)
* error when selecting Add / Remove from Watcher in the quest details menu (2nd menu)
* error in startup fixed

version 2.04.30000 (01-27-2009)
* fix for reported error
* updated toc#

version 2.03.30000 (01-10-2009)
+ added an option (ON by default) to show quest events
* made usEN a separate file
* put localization within TitanQuests to reduce global namespace

version 2.02.30000 (01-01-2009)
+ added Spanish translation (thanks to PatoDaia)

version 2.01.30000 (01-01-2009)
* fixed an error on left click to properly open the Blizzard quest log

version 2.00.30000 (09-28-2008)
* incremented the release to 2.xx to denote this is Lich King only
* updated because of changes in Titan Panel (the changes are NOT backwards compatible - if you run an older version of TitanQuests in the new Titan Panel, neither will you get any errors (Titan Quests will not be displayed) nor will you be able to enable it using Titan Panel)
* tightened some default checking when getting quest info (it is possible that a quest does not return a valid 'quality' (green | blue | ...) so the default is 'gray' when this happens -- not sure if this is a feature or a bug)

version 1.03.30000 (09-21-2008)
* updated because of changes in Titan Panel (the changes are backwards compatible)
* updated the interface number for Lich King

version 1.02.20400 (08-10-2008)
+ left click on the button brings up the Blizz quest log
* fixed an issue where spell rewards were not showing (unfortunately there is limited information to work with so quality, number, and usability had to assumed)
* small change to make the above change work on the Lich King (beta)

version 1.01.20400 (08-07-2008)
* cosmetic changes to display the proper version

version 1.00.20400 (08-02-2008)
+ added Latin America translation (thanks MogoOrc)
+ hovering over the quest also displays the quest objective text
+ the main quest list now includes the suggested group size
+ the main quest list now includes the number of party members on the same quest
+ the quest submenu now includes the party members on the same quest
* changed _OnLoad so Titan will show proper version
* seperated the localization into seperate files

version 0.24 (08-07-2008 - 20:07 UTC)
* updated toc#

version 0.23.2 (08-02-2007)
* fixed the ZIP file folder structure and removed DS_Store file and _MACOSX folder. I also added a RAR version of the mod.

version 0.23.1 (unknown)
* uploaded the correct ZIP file, the mod will now work when installed

version 0.23 (unknown)
+ added Group Quest Support
+ group quests are now tagged with a 'g'
+ group quest count is now included in the Titan Panel tooltip
+ view can now be filtered to show only group quests

version 0.22 (07-09-2007 14:54 UTC)
* updated toc#

version 0.21 (01-13-2006 17:03 UTC)
* update for changes to GetQuestLogTitle() (thanks Perigoso)
* updated toc#
- removed quest list display truncation

version 0.20 (12-27-2006 19:00 UTC)
* changed MaxQuests to 25 (thanks Bubs)

version 0.19 (12-11-2006 17:15 UTC)
* updated toc# [Corgi]

version 0.18 (06-08-2006 09:00 UTC)
* fixed background on quest detail frame [Ryessa]
* re-positioned close button on text frame [Ryessa]
* updated toc# to latest patch [Ryessa]

version 0.17 (01-07-2006 21:30 UTC)
* fixed quest detail frame

version 0.16 (01-06-2006 18:00 UTC)
* updated toc# for 1.9 patch

version 0.15 (09-20-2005 18:15 UTC)
* fixed the error caused when minimizing a quest section in Blizzard's QuestLog
* updated toc# for 1.70 patch

version 0.14 (07-06-2005 18:18 UTC)
+ Added persistence of quests over UI reloads and logout [Ryessa]
* Refactored Titan Quests into smaller, more logical files TitanQuests (.lua, .xml), TitanQuestsDetails (.lua, .xml), and TitanQuestsUtils (.lua) [Ryessa]

version 0.13 (06-28-2005 17:11 UTC)
* fixed bug when clicking on "Quest Details"
* minor German translation fix (thanks Scarabeus)

version 0.12 (06-26-2005 9:00 UTC)
+ added ability to click on a quest to add to the quest tracker directly [Ryessa]
+ added option to set "Watch" or "Quest Details" as primary action when clicking a quest [Ryessa]
+ added SHIFT-click to perform the secondary action ("Watch" or "Quest Details") [Ryessa]
+ added "Failed" quest tag [Corgi]
+ added option to disable grouping of quests under Zone or Level headings [Ryessa]
* cleaned up info display panel a bit [Ryessa]
* set quests to store their toggle state in Titan variables (prep to persist watched quests between sessions) [Ryessa]
* moved a lot of code into utility functions for code cleanliness at cost of a slight perf hit (not noticable) [Ryessa]

version 0.11 (06-16-2005 00:40 UTC)
+ added option to show only incomplete quests (need loc guys to review) [Ryessa]
+ added grouping headers when sorting by location or level [Ryessa]
* new quest list layout [Ryessa]
* moved most options to a side menu because of the larger size from grouping [Ryessa]
* Shortened English tooltip descriptors [Ryessa]
* changed Titan button text to be NumComplete/NumCurrent [Ryessa]
* updated for Titan Panel 1.24 [Corgi]

version 0.10 (06-08-2005 04:30 UTC)
+ added French localization (thanks Vorpale)
* German localization changes (thanks Kaesemuffin)
* toc updated for 1.50 patch

version 0.09 (06-02-2005 23:31 UTC)
+ added German localization (thanks Scarabeus)
* fixed bug that was causing WoW.exe to crash when changing characters

version 0.08 (05-31-2005 00:00 UTC)
+ added the ability to sort the quest list by location (default), level or title
+ added the ability to just show quests based on their type (i.e., just show elite quests)

version 0.07 (05-28-2005 01:41 UTC)
+ added a [Quests] icon for the Titan Panel, which can be turned on/off
* minor changes to text displayed in mouseover tooltip

version 0.06 (05-21-2005 04:27 UTC)
+ added 'Quest Details' button to quest dropdown menu
+ added a 'Link Quest' button to quest dropdown menu
+ added Location to Quest Details
+ added colored quest level text to Quest Details window title
+ added 'Toggle' dropdown menu to toggle the blizzard's quest log and various 3rd party addons
+ Share Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu
+ Abandon Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu (a window will open for confirmation)
* clicking on quest now opens a movable window with complete quest info, including rewards
* fixed ui scaling issue with Quest Details window
* localization.lua is ready for german, french and korean translations

version 0.05 (05-16-2005 00:20 UTC)
+ added quest location and complete tag to the quest list
+ added the ability to toggle PartyQuests, QuestBank, QuestIon if they are installed
* changed 'About' button to open a dropdown menu displaying mod name, version and author name
* clicking on a quest in the quest list will open a dropdown menu showing the quest objectives and a button to add/remove the quest from Blizzard's Quest Tracker

version 0.04 (05-15-2005 03:43 UTC)
+ added the ability to toggle MonkeyQuest and/or QuestHistory from the right-click menu if they are installed
+ added version info to mouseover tooltip
+ added 'About' to right-click menu, which opens a window displaying mod name, version and author name

version 0.03 (05-14-2005 00:28 UTC)
* clicking on quest will now open the quest log to that particular quest

version 0.02 (05-13-2005 20:01 UTC)
* fixed typo to allow 'Show Label Text' to work

version 0.01 (05-13-2005 18:30 UTC)
+ Initial Release
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3.0.12 - beta 1
07-21-15 06:16 PM
11-18-14 03:58 PM
3.0.11 - beta 1
10-28-14 03:33 PM
10-13-13 11:54 AM
3.0.10 - beta 1
09-25-13 03:06 PM
06-16-13 01:16 PM
3.0.9 - beta 2
05-27-13 04:16 PM
3.0.9 - beta 1
03-10-13 01:15 PM
01-01-13 04:42 PM
3.0.8 - beta 1
12-18-12 07:28 AM
09-18-12 02:59 PM
3.0.7 - beta 2
09-03-12 10:52 PM
3.0.7 - beta 1
09-02-12 04:04 PM
12-09-11 02:07 PM
3.0.6 - beta 1
12-01-11 03:52 AM
07-18-11 01:23 AM
3.0.5 - beta 1
07-04-11 02:50 PM
05-15-11 12:22 PM
3.0.4 - beta 1
05-01-11 04:44 AM
01-23-11 03:47 PM
3.0.3 - beta 1
12-28-10 09:12 PM
12-20-10 08:45 AM
3.0.2 - beta 1
11-28-10 10:30 AM
11-15-10 05:02 PM
3.0.1 - beta 1
10-27-10 11:26 AM
3.0.0 - beta 1
04-29-10 01:47 AM
12-13-09 09:18 AM
12-12-09 07:58 AM
12-12-09 06:10 AM
08-04-09 07:14 PM
04-05-09 06:24 PM
02-28-09 03:01 AM
02-01-09 11:50 AM
02-01-09 09:11 AM

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Unread 02-01-09, 02:22 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Problems in 2.06

First the .toc files stills has the version as 2.05

Second I still get the same error on startup.
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Unread 02-02-09, 02:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Watcher in 2.06

I've upgraded to version 2.06, but when I click on a quest, it's added to the Quest Watcher frame, and a check mark is added before the quest name.
When I reload the addon, I don't see the check marks before the quests in the addon.
This was working in the previous version, and could you please solve this?
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Unread 02-10-09, 03:15 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Kugar's Avatar

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Show number of complete quests?

Is there a way to have "Titan Quests" show the number of completed quests, like the old "Titan Panel [Quests]" did? That's the one thing I miss the most when I had to change to this addon, and I can't seem to find this option anywhere in "Titan Quests".

If you go to the old "Titan Panel [Quests]" addon at http://www.wowinterface.com/download...nelQuests.html and take a look at the first picture, it says 1/18, which means that it is easier for me to see if there is a quest I completed and need to go turn in.

It's a small change, but for me personally it would really make this addon a favorite if it had that little feature added.

If it is already in there and I missed it, then please point me in the right direction and tell me where to turn it on
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Unread 03-28-09, 03:06 AM  
Premium Member
Elariah's Avatar
Premium Member

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With Titan Quests enable, whenever I expand/collapse an area in the main quest log all the quests turn white instead of their normal difficulty colours.
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Unread 05-18-09, 07:29 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
nanrector's Avatar

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How to enter interface?

I hate asking stupid questions... I've installed Tital Quests but I don't quite see where it shows up. Its not on the Titan panel, though it shows as installed in my addons. Could someone kindly tell me were I can access Titan Quests?

Thanks so much!

Well I never got an answer but its no matter. The addon was constantly giving me errors in the game so I deleted it.
~Magic happens to those who expect it.~
Last edited by nanrector : 05-28-09 at 09:49 AM.
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Unread 06-14-09, 06:45 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Re: How to enter interface?

I was away for several weeks with limited access to a PC so I am just getting back to WoW.

The steps to bring up Titan Quests are right click on an 'empty' part of the Titan bar. When the menu comes up, Look under the Plugins list. The quests addon should be in the "Interface" sub-menu. It will be labeled "Quests" with the version you are running.

Please PM me with the errors and I will be happy to look into it.
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Unread 06-28-09, 11:18 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I sent an email to u with the screenshot i took of what comes up on swatter for the lua error. Is there a fix coming for this soon?
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Unread 08-09-09, 10:24 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Quest description opens randomly

After 3.2 I started getting random quest descriptions popping up. It isn't the quest log, just a single pane with the quest description. It is happening at random times like after zoning in. I disabled Titan Quest and the problem went away. Hope that helps.

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Unread 08-09-09, 03:28 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Re: Quest description opens randomly

Dragoen -
Are you using the Blizzard quest log or a quest helper?
Would you describe the window that pops up? Is it the Blizzard log or partial? Or the Titan or partial? I am not sure from your post. Feel free to send me a PM.

There is some odd behavior when expanding / collapsing in the Blizzard quest log. The method to get the quest info is to actually expand / collapse the log list using code. This means the quest log and Titan Quests can 'fight' each other - whether both are open or not.
I try to minimize the contention but can not eliminate it until Blizz changes the way the quest log must be parsed.
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Unread 09-01-09, 09:36 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Quest selection

Hi Urnati !

Im using Titan Quests, and lately Im having problems to share or abandon quests, because no matter wich quest is selected, those buttons try to share or abandon the last accepted quest. Lightheaded refuses to show info for the current quest too, allways the last quest.

All this happened when updated other addon, QuestGuru, to the latest version, v1.2. I've disabled every addon but QuestGuru, Lightheaded and Titan Quests and the problem persists. If I disable QuestGuru, the other two addons works as intended. If I shut down Titan Quests, the other two addons works as intended too...

So, seems there is a conflict with QuestGuru 1.2 and Titan Quests.

I've already reported the problems in QuestGuru board, because dont know wich addon is causing the problem.

Hope one of you can find a solution

Thanks for your addon, and your time.
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Unread 09-13-09, 03:16 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Re: Quest selection

I strongly suspect it is the way Blizz forces the quest log to be parsed. Both addons are looking for quest data using the same Blizz routines so they are 'fighting' each other. I am not sure there is much to be done unless the addons were merged or Blizz changes its quest log structure.

Technical stuff:
Blizz keeps and updates the quests by position rather than name or some other key. And the structure reflects collapsed sections or not. This forces developers to expand the quest log structure before parsing using ExpandQuestHeader(0). If you happen to have the quest log open, it will expand.
Then looping through the quest log one has to ignore headers (yes they are a position too). You can get a ton of info using GetQuestLogTitle(i) - where i is the position.
But - and here is another kick - you have to set the 'selection' to a quest position in order to get detail info.
Routines like GetNumQuestLeaderBoards() return the objective info (I do not know why the name is so descriptive of its function!). Or IsCurrentQuestFailed().
Note that there is no position passed in to either and there are many more.
Again, if you had the quest log open you would see it suddenly change the quest log selection.

I tried to minimize the parsing but it can not be eliminated.
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Unread 10-17-10, 12:10 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Kugar's Avatar

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Anyone giving this one a shot at an update? It's almost too good not to have in your Titan Panel
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Unread 10-20-10, 06:51 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr

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I agree, can anyone fix this to work with 4.0 ?
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Unread 10-27-10, 11:33 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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update released

The new beta release is just awaiting approval by the mods. You can already download it from http://www.luke1410.de/typo3/index.php?id=titanquests .

The version fixes the incompatibility with WoW 4.0 as well as a couple of further bugs. See the changelog for further information.
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Unread 10-27-10, 04:33 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Zip version?

Any chance of seeing a zip version?


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