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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Geist (WoD Beta)

Version: 60000.1b
by: Cidrei [More]

WoD version of Geist.

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Unread 07-31-14, 01:59 AM  
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The /geist command is probably the best resource on how to use the addon. Unfortunately, you can't arbitrarily change the order/layout of the buttons from within the game, if I'm understanding what you want to do right. That said, it wouldn't be hard to change the code itself to lay the buttons out in that manner if you wanted.

EDIT: If you paste the following code directly above the final "end" in GeistFrame.lua it will lay Geist out in a G13 style grid and hide the 25th button (assuming you made no changes to the default number of buttons. It's quick and dirty, but it works.
for i = 1, Geist["Buttons"] do aTable.Buttons[i]:ClearAllPoints() end
-- Third Row
aTable.Buttons[17]:SetPoint("CENTER", GeistHeader, "CENTER", 0, 0)
aTable.Buttons[16]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[17], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[15]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[16], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[18]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[17], "RIGHT", 2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[19]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[18], "RIGHT", 2, 0)

-- Second Row
aTable.Buttons[11]:SetPoint("BOTTOM", aTable.Buttons[17], "TOP", 0, 2)
aTable.Buttons[10]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[11], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[9]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[10], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[8]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[9], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[12]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[11], "RIGHT", 2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[13]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[12], "RIGHT", 2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[14]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[13], "RIGHT", 2, 0)

-- First Row
aTable.Buttons[4]:SetPoint("BOTTOM", aTable.Buttons[11], "TOP", 0, 2)
aTable.Buttons[3]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[4], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[2]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[3], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[1]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[2], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[5]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[4], "RIGHT", 2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[6]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[5], "RIGHT", 2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[7]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[6], "RIGHT", 2, 0)

-- Fourth Row
aTable.Buttons[21]:SetPoint("TOP", aTable.Buttons[17], "BOTTOM", 0, -2)
aTable.Buttons[20]:SetPoint("RIGHT", aTable.Buttons[21], "LEFT", -2, 0)
aTable.Buttons[22]:SetPoint("LEFT", aTable.Buttons[21], "RIGHT", 2, 0)

-- Joystick Buttons
aTable.Buttons[23]:SetPoint("TOP", aTable.Buttons[20], "BOTTOM", 0, -2)
aTable.Buttons[24]:SetPoint("TOP", aTable.Buttons[22], "BOTTOM", 0, -2)

-- Hide 25th Button
if aTable.Buttons[25] then aTable.Buttons[25]:Hide() end
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Unread 07-30-14, 09:36 AM  
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Re: Partial operation - don't see panel

Originally Posted by aggietallboy
It seems that the /geist menu works, but i don't see the button panel.
Didn't go reading enough.. I got it bound and can now pop it up

Is there a tutorial/how to for this addon?

I have a Logitech G13 and would love to map 1:1

(24 buttons laid out 7, 7, 5, 3, and then 1 on either side of joystick)
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Unread 07-30-14, 09:22 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Partial operation - don't see panel

It seems that the /geist menu works, but i don't see the button panel.
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