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Battle for Azeroth Beta (8.0.1)
Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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ZigiPrestige - Account Prestige Calculator  New this week!

Version: 0.6
by: leobolin [More]

In Battle for Azeroth, the Honor and Prestige system is being reworked again. Prestige is going away, and instead you will have an account wide Honor Level which basically has no cap. Blizzard has confirmed that it is your total amount of Honor that will be merged to give you your new Honor Level.

This is a really simple addon that just adds your total account Honor together and calculates what your account Prestige is right now, and what Honor Level you will get once your honor is merged in 8.0.

The addon updates your Honor total each time you gain honor, or when you log in to a level 110 character automatically. You can then display this value by typing /zp or /prestige in game.

Note that you will have to log in to each of your level 110 characters at least once after installing the addon to get an accurate total for your account.

There are no options, and the addon barely uses any memory or CPU.

The addon will be completely obsolete once the 8.0 patch hits live servers. It is simply a way for you to see what your Honor Level will end up being in Battle for Azeroth.

Recent Updates

The addon is currently working under the assumption that you will need 5500 Honor per Honor Level in Battle for Azeroth. This seems to be the case in the current Beta build, but might change in the future. If it doesn't change, you will actually need significantly more total Honor to reach the current max reward (Prestige 25, Honor level 50) equivalent in Battle for Azeroth (Honor Level 300).

For comparison, Prestige 25 is roughly 1.2 million Honor while Honor Level 300 in BfA is around 1.6 million Honor.

A recent tweet from @WarcraftDevs states:
"The Legion Prestige rewards are all available in the new Battle For Azeroth Honor system, but the pacing isnít exactly the same. Anyone who earned a reward in Legion will keep it in Battle For Azeroth, even if they donít meet the new requirements."

Version 0.6
Added calculations and output for BfA Honor Levels.

Version 0.5
First public release.
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