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Version: 1.0
by: Seerah [More]

SelfCastSwitch was borne of this thread. Neomd31 was looking for an addon that would enable auto self-cast for one talent spec, but disable it when switching to another talent spec.

Currently, it is set to enable self-cast for your Primary Talent Spec and disable it for your Secondary. This is able to be changed in the lua file, which you may open in any text editor (ex. WordPad or NotePad). You will see this at the top of the file:

lua Code:
  1. -- Primary Talent Spec is 1 --
  2. -- Secondary Talent Spec is 2 --
  3. -- Which spec (1 or 2) do you want self-cast *on* for? --
  5. local selfCast = 1

Change the selfCast variable to 2 if you want auto self-cast on for your secondary spec instead of primary.

I do not have dual spec currently, but Neomd31 said that this works! Let me know if anything ever comes up by posting bugs at my Portal.


How can I give feedback?
Feel free to leave your comments/questions here, but all bug reports and feature requests need to go to my portal if you want me to remember to do them.

Can I use your code?
All use of my code separate from SelfCastSwitch must be for your own personal use and may not be redistributed separate from the addon. SelfCastSwitch may only be redistributed in UI packs, and any mention of the addon must point to this download page or my portal. You may use snippets of my code in addons you intend to distribute only after receiving permission, and credit must be given.

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Thanks... I fixed that last night, but must have forgotten to submit it...

edit: oh - I just changed it in one spot >.< hehe
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"Can I use your code?" still talks about SecretAdmirer.
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