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Total RP 3

Version: 1.2.6
by: Ellypse, kajisensei

Total RP 3 is the brand new roleplay add-on from the creators of Total RP 1 and 2

It aims to be the best way to customize and describe your roleplay interactions, by brining together the powerful customization features from Total RP 2, new features asked by our users and a much better user interface designed with usability in mind. With this addon you can fully customize all the information about your characters and companion (pets, battle pets, etc.), like the name, the description or even attach an image to represent them.

Our goal is to bring back the simplicity and user-friendliness of add-ons like FlagRSP and MyRoleplay but without sacrificing your freedom when defining your roleplay characters.

Total RP 3 implements the Mary Sue Protocol, which is also used by roleplay addons like MyRoleplay, XRP or even Total RP 2. That means TRP3 can understand and exchange data with all these addons.

Also Total RP 3 is a fully modular addon. So even if it will greatly expand in the future, you can choose exactly which features you want to use and won't be bothered by a complex user interface if you don't want to. This is the main module which will be required to run any future expansion.

Main features

You can customize your characters and companions (battle pets, pets and mounts) with a powerful profile system.
Keep track of all characters and companions you crossed by with the directory.
Locate other role-players on the world map (requires Total RP 2 v.1.032 or later, or Total RP 3 v.1.0 or later).
A customizable target frame, allowing you to easily reach useful actions about your roleplay target.
Chat frame features, likes OOC and emote detection and coloration, using full roleplay names in the chat…
Full Mary Sue Protocol implementation : Total RP 3 can communicate with MyRolePlay, XRP, Total RP 2 and other MSP add-ons so you can view other players information even if they are using another roleplaying add-on.
A customizable toolbar with useful actions like switching from switching from one profile to another, switching from IC to OOC, from AFK to DND, showing or not your character's helmet and cloak…
Import your existing profiles from Total RP 2, MyRolePlay, XRP, flagRSP2 and flagRSP(MoP).

We will add more features in future versions, bringing back some missing features from Total RP 2

Bug fixes
  • Fixed several issues with the new chat system introduced in version 1.2.5 that would prevent player names form being colored correctly (ticket #50).
  • Fixed a Lua error in the new WIM module (ticket #55).
  • Fixed an issue where the option to increase color contrast on player names in the tooltip was always enabled (ticket #51).
  • Fixed a Lua error when shift-clicking a spell name in the adventure journal (ticket #61).
  • Fixed an issue making the game freeze and possibly crash when trying to delete too many companion profiles from the directory. Additionally, companion profiles are now included in the automatic purge (ticket #56).
  • Fixed a long standing issue allowing advanced users to inject custom icons and color codes in places that were not meant for that, as this behaviour led to game crashes, as well as compatibility issues with other RP add-ons and stability issues in Total RP 3 itself (ticket #63).
  • The option to increase contrast on color names in the tooltip is now applied on the other colored fields, not just the name field.
  • Added notice on the Auto add new players option of the directory to indicate that disabling this option will prevent you from receiving any new profile.
  • Fixed a Lua error when closing the color picker without having selected a color.

  • TipTac support is now built into the add-on, you can safely uninstall the TipTac module.
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I loved MRP! I'm glad that they finally got the Mary Sue thing finished, looks good so far.
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