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BornabeUI BTex Skins (Alliance & Horde)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v1.0
by: Bornabe [More]

******** Credits ***********
tiggy for creating BTex, the only way BornabeUI was possible. Thanks bro!
TooDeep (I heavily modified the Artwork found in Warcrafty)
& also to all the AddOn Authors of the included AddOns in BornabeUI.
Simply extract this ZIP into the \Skins folder located inside your World of Warcraft \ Interface \ Addons \ BTex folder.

This provides a nice layout to start your own Custom UI setup which can be setup the same for all of your characters using my Alliance, Horde, Druid or Undead / Death Knight artwork depending on which character you're on.

You can also try out BornabeUI located here on WoWinterface.com as well.
*My artwork is in dedication to the roots of Warcraft and all it's glory.*

Added Note: You will need to determine the Width & Height best fit for your resolution. A good modifier is the Height should be 1/2 of the Width you set.

BornabeUI Alliance Artwork
Set Name: BornabeUIAlliance

BornabeUI Horde Artwork
Set Name: BornabeUIHorde

** BTex ROCKs! **

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