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Updated: 08-08-08 09:24 AM
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Updated:08-08-08 09:24 AM

WoW Guild Armory

Version: 2.4.3
by: WingEU [More]

The WOW Guild Armory is a website addon written in PHP 4.1. It shows the members in your guild and backs them up to your website without having to visit the armory.

This webapplication updates itself every day, and you won't have to update your memberlist anymore. You can also set a standard overview and show only members who reached the levelcap.Your uvisitors can also choose their own member-list lay-out or choose set the levelcap on or off.

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Unread 08-18-08, 02:40 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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i get a white window after install.. no memberlist
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