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Version: r1
by: danderon [More]

GridStatusBrutallus is a Grid plugin for the Brutallus encounter in Sunwell Plateau. It's useful for healers, which want keep track of his Burn debuff. Because the Burn damage is modified by the Meteor Slash debuff, it's sometimes difficult to estimate how much healing is needed to keep targets up.

What this modul basicly does, is calculating the DPS on Burn victim and coloring the status indicator. A green indicator means the DPS is lower than 1000 and could be healed through with a single triple-lifebloom stack. Yellow means more than 1000 DPS but less than 2000 and the target needs some additional healing. Red means DPS is more than 2000, heal as much as you can. If you are using the modul on a text line indicator, the first numer shows the elapsed time and the second number displays the number of Meteor Slash debuff stacks.

This module is based on GridStatusKalecgos by evildead, which I heavily modified for my Brutallus version, so I want to also credit him.

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