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Updated:08-09-08 08:10 PM


Version: 1.1
by: CCMCornell [More]

## This is the same version as the one I have listed for the live game (though useless without the new Improved Tracking talent. No changes seem to be required to get it to work, but I am still working on adding new output features.

TrackingMismatch will alert hunters if their current active tracking ability does not match the creature type of their current target. This will help hunters with the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Survival talent "Improved Tracking" which increases damage by up to 5% against targets of the creature type currently being tracked.

This simple addon is compatible with version 2.4 though will not add any benefits until the new tracking talent is released in 3.0 (probably just before or with the release of Wrath of the Lich King.)

-- warns hunter that current tracking type does not match target's creature type and informs which tracking is required for Improved Tracking damage bonus
-- output to chat frame
-- repeats warning every 5 seconds

As this is my first addon, I will be adding more customization as I learn more about Lua, the WoW API and the Ace addon framework in the coming days.

Upcoming Features:
-- localization
-- Output to SCT, FCT, custom message frame, etc.
-- Custom frame icon to visually inform which tracking type should be activated

Please do not redistribute this addon without permission.

--added saved variables to toggle repeat of warnings and the delay between repeated warnings
--started the groundwork for localization (actual chat warning still has to be set up for localization, so far just saved variable names and descriptions have been set up for localization.)
--I will probably switch to the Ace3 framework and try to learn more about how to use LibSink to output to SCT, FCT, etc.

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