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Updated: 08-17-08 11:11 PM
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Updated:08-17-08 11:11 PM


Version: r1
by: d87 [More]

Very simple threat meter, text string that by default shows you scaled threat percent to current target

Slash commands:
/ntr unlock
/ntr lock
/ntr setsize <1-35>
/ntr setfont Interface\AddOns\NugThreat\Fonts\Emblem.ttf
/ntr setformat <string where &sP - scaled percent, &rP - raw percent, &rV - raw threat value>

scaled percentage - a threat percentage, where 100% means you will pull aggro (become the primary target of the mob), and thus this % cannot be higher than 100% under normal circumstances

raw threat percentage - the percentage of the units threat when divided by the threat of the mob's current primary target, this % CAN be over 100%

threatValue is the amount of threat that the unit has on the mob's threat list. This is roughly approximate to the amount of damage and healing the unit has done."

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