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Version: 0.57a
by: LordVashtal [More]

One day while I was At World's End Tavern I happened to be peacefully rocking out to the Elite Tauren Chieftan's Power of the Horde. By peacefully I, of course, mean instigating a mosh-pit that overswept much of Lower City. The reason being I could not seem to find my Fizzle's Zippy Lighter and in my frustration I took it out on three or four patrons which erupted into a rather vicious bar fight. After being forcibly ejected from the establishment, I realized I needed a way to quickly find certain items and have them readily accessible to me. With great effort, I now grin with glee as I, as merciful lord, present you with my WhammyBar.

With this framework, I have given frustrated fellows the ability to statically and dynamically create action bars of specific purposes. One for the squishy mages and their ever-useful teleports, portals and food. Another for Warlocks and their dark deeds. Naturally, one for Hunters and all their fun toys. And yet one more for the various consumables such as potions, food and waters, etc one may have in their bags. Lastly, one for the various craftskills is particularly handy. It's a start, but the functionality to add more is right there.

To install, I prefer Method #53. Elegant, painful, and leaves only the great smell of Brute.
First, download the WhammyBar suite file then unzip the file into your AddOns directory. Next, simply load up WoW, pop on as your character, and you should be good to go. Your spells, items, etc should be added as you gain/lose them.

Use it well, mere mortal.

-Vashtal, Lord of the Red Rocks

Author's Notes:
I've really worked hard to make this mod as stable and flexible as I could in order to provide people with a concise interface not only normal players who would only deal with the plugins and bars, but developers as well. It's still missing a feature or two that I'd like, but it does what I need it to.

- By default, there is a toggle icon next to the first icon of each bar that can be used to show/hide a bar.
- In game, simply type /wbar config to bring up the config menu.
- In the config, click on the bar that you wish to modify, or click on Options to configure the overall settings.
- In the WhammyBar Options frame, clicking on one of the checkboxes or moving the sliders will affect all the plugins currently loaded. You also have the capability of copying the settings from one character to another in this frame.
- Players have the ability to set the number of buttons before the bar wraps, between 2 and 20, but currently there is no specific Vertical orientation functionality.

Plugins/Mods included with this Suite:
- WhammyBar - The core mod that provides all the functionality for the plugins.
- WBuddyBar - Gives you easy access to your mounts and your non-combat pets
- WHunterBar - A standard set of Hunter-specific bars including aspects, pet skills, traps, and tracking spells
- WCraftsBar - A set of buttons pertaining to any character-known craftskills such as alchemy, mining, enchanting, etc. as well as the secondary craftskills and craftskill specific trackings (Find Fish, Find Minerals, etc.)
- WConsumableBar - A set of buttons listing any Consumable item in your bags.
- WMacroBar - A handy set of bars for your macros
- WMageBar - A standard set of Mage-specific bars including conjurables (Imported from XConjureBar), mage-specific buffs, teleports, and portals (Teleports and Portals imported from XTelePortalBar)
- WEquipmentBar - A set of buttons listing your equipment
- WRogueBar - A few bars for standard rogue abilities and poisons
- WShamanBar - A couple of bars for buffs and totems
- WWarlockBar - A standard set of Warlock-specific bars including demons, conjurables, curses, and warlock-specific buffs
- WStaticBar - For everything else, there's WStaticBar. If you need a bar that hasn't been added, use the simple drag & drop interface of WStaticBar to create a WhammyBar bar of your own design!
- W_Bar_BasicTemplate - A handy template for creating static bars. See scripting.txt for details.
- W_Bar_AdvancedTemplate - Another template for creating more dynamic bars. See scripting.txt for details.
If there is a set of bars that isn't included with the suite (more class specific bars, etc), shoot me an email with some details and I'll see what I can do!

Creating Bars with WStaticBar
- For slash commands, either /wstatic or /wstaticbar will work.
/wstatic config - brings up the configuration menu.
- To create a new bar or modify one, bring up the config menu.
- If this is your first bar, click the New Bar button and fill in the title
with a descriptive text for use in the config. This field can also be used
to change the title for bars that you've already created.
- If you want to copy the buttons from either an already existing WStaticBar
bar or a loaded WhammyBar plugin's bars, select it from the dropdown.
- This selection is optional, so if you simply wish to change the title
then you don't have to select anything.
- Otherwise, any selection you make will override any values you might've
previously set up for that static bar.
- NOTE: This will merely make a copy of the buttons and will not
affect your other bars.
- Once you've made the desired changes, click the Save button.
- Click on the "Edit Buttons" button to bring up the button configuration.
- On the Button configuration screen, you can either drag and drop most icons
into the small square in the upper left corner.
- If WStaticBar can handle the button this way, it will populate the Name
and Type fields.
- NOTE: If you drag and drop from the action bar, when you drop the button
it will be removed from the action bar.
- If the button can't be handled or you don't have an icon to drag and
drop, you can still put the action's name in the Name field and select
which type the action is from the Type dropdown. If you select a Menu
icon, the first character must be a #.
- Valid Types: Menu, Item, Spell, Equipment, Macro, and Companion
- If the Name and Type are valid, the WStaticBar config will attempt to
populate the drag and drop with the appropriate icon.
- Once you're satisfied with the Name and Type, click "Add" to add it to
the bottom of the list.
- If you need to modify the buttons for the bar, click on the name in the
select list. This will allow you to edit, reposition, or delete the
- Clicking the "Edit" button button will attempt to populate the Name, Type,
and icon with the appropriate values. Any changes to any of these values
will override that button's values once "Update" is clicked. Clicking
"Cancel" will reset the fields.
- Clicking "Options" will take you to the original bar's configuration.
- If you need to start from scratch once saving a bar, clicking "Reset Buttons"
will clear out the buttons and create a menu called "#Menu"
- Once you've created your bars, you are free to assign them to whatever
character you wish by clicking on the "Use Bar" button. This is to prevent
useless bars showing up for characters that don't need them, draining your
computer resources.

Special Thanks:
- Dr Doom for XBar as well as all the support he's given me on this project
- Redrock Wildcat, aka Kosurana on the Blackwater Raiders server, for being
equally supportive, if not moreso, as well as being my personal beta tester
throughout this whole process
- My Guildmates in Fox Highlanders Regent and The Soulforged

- Modified default WEquipmentBar into equipment set bar
- Added WBuddyBar & WStaticBar to standard Suite
- Updated mount list for WBuddyBar
- Added Equipment Sets to WStaticBar drag & drop
- Added Conjure Refreshment & Mirror Image to WMageBar
- Added missing poisons to WRogueBar

- Updated for patch 3.1
- Added tooltip modifier key box for tooltips. (want to have tooltips displayed, but not when you're just roaming around? Select either Shift, Ctrl, or Alt for the modifier and now whenever you press that button and hover over the icons for that bar, the tooltip will show up!)
- Fixed WShamanBar
- Added call stabled pet and stings bar to WHunterBar
- Added lifeblood to WCraftsBar for herbalism
- Added timing for WConsumableBar

- Fixed toggle issue from patch 3.0.8

- Added /wbar icons for icon reloading (if graphic is glitchy)
- Fixed config window being displayed under quest/character/etc frames
- Fixed food & drink classifications for WConsumablesBar
- Added active/deactive functionality for when a bar is NOT wanted
- Added functionality to display a different icon for in-use buff icons
- Some code optimization
- Updated the item/spell count to display darker and up to 4-digit numbers
- Added macro and macrotext functionality to
- Added WMacroBar
- Added WDruidBar for buffs (currently)
- Added WDeathBar for a few deathknight spells (currently). A few junk spells in there that I'm working on replacing
- Updated certain functionality for WStaticBar

- Fixed tooltip popping up on equipment update

- Added functionality to reload any plugin's buttons that have a
reload_function set up
- Added missing Aspect of the Dragonhawk to WHunterBar
- Added WEquipmentBar
- Added functionality for equipment-type buttons
- Added functionality to create the bar's frame if one doesn't exist to allow
for developer-expanded functionality as well as keeping the .xml smaller
- Fixed some bugs

- Fixed dragging using the toggle button

- Initial release of WhammyBar. Alpha public release before an official 1.00
is released.
- Added WCraftsBar
- Added WConsumableBar
- Added WHunterBar, WWarlockBar
- Added WMageBar, converted XConjureBar and XTelePortalBar from XBar format
to WhammyBar format
- Added W_Bar_AdvancedTemplate, W_Bar_BasicTemplate
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Unread 04-27-09, 12:30 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Missing items


I am still having issues with the consumables bar not picking up items in my bags, such as mana potions and bandages; also the Shaman bar doesn't pick up the new Cleansing totem.

Just thought you should know.

Right now the missing consumables are Greater Mana Potion, Mageweave Bandage and Heavy Mageweave Bandage. I'll let you know if I come across some more, when I get some new types in my bags.

I think it would be cool too if the Shaman bar also had each type (fire, earth, water, air) on a separate row but all in one collapsible bar -- meaning I open/close the button but they appear in four separate rows.

We spoke once before in past about a different matter and you said to me that we can make our own customizable bar but I have no clue how to do that; instructions would be great!
Last edited by AZMAK : 04-27-09 at 12:36 AM.
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Unread 11-23-08, 06:11 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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The consumable bar will show some quest items, and I'm working on a quest-item-specific bar that will do it proper. You'd be certainly more than welcome to make your own bar, however
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Unread 11-23-08, 04:41 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Will this show all the usable quest items in my bag and add them to the bar as quest givers give them to me? If not would that be a script-able bar I could make out of this?
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Unread 11-05-08, 12:36 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Once the EU servers come back, I'll give this a spin.

I thoroughly dislike Autobars ~3.0MB memory consumption and the fact that it's one of the few Ace2 addons I still use.

If this can supply me with the functions I wouldn't live without (popup bars, only showing buttons "with content", fade (is that supported?), I'll be a happy camper.
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Unread 11-02-08, 01:39 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Re: Little confused

Originally posted by Eas
Ok.... this looks really cool from what I'm getting. Is this kind of like an autobar thing? I read the description, and I'm not sure I get quite what it does. >.< Sorry to be a pain.
No, that's perfectly fine.
It functions similar to XBar in that it displays pre-defined buttons in their own bars that can be moved around the screen at your whim. Unlike Xbar, however, it allows for more than just spells, such as the WConsumablesBar displays any food/potions/etc in your bags or "There's my Buddy!" bar that displays all the mounts and non-combat pets that you have. I also plan to add macro, equipment, etc functionality to make it more flexible, and I've also included templates to give developers the ability to create their own.
Hope that helps!
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Unread 11-02-08, 01:30 PM  
A Rage Talon Dragon Guard
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Little confused

Ok.... this looks really cool from what I'm getting. Is this kind of like an autobar thing? I read the description, and I'm not sure I get quite what it does. >.< Sorry to be a pain.
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Unread 11-02-08, 10:48 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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- Fixed dragging using the toggle button
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Unread 11-02-08, 10:13 AM  

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Been looking for a mod like this for a bit. Very nice work on the consumables bar.

Couple things. For some reason if there is more than one stack of an item I get two buttons on the bar and the options only toggle them off and on. Is it possible to get it to only show one button with an item count.

Also getting a couple errors.

[2008/11/02 08:49:21-177-x3]: WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:713: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:792: in function `WhammyBar_SavePos'
WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:788: in function `WhammyBar_SavePosButton'
WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:47: in function <Interface\AddOns\WhammyBar\WhammyBar.lua:42>
<in C code>: in function `securecall'
<string>:"*:OnMouseUp":1: in function <[string "*:OnMouseUp"]:1>

[2008/11/02 08:53:00-177-x2]: WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:38: Frame UIParent is not movable
WhammyBar-0.43a\WhammyBar.lua:38: in function <Interface\AddOns\WhammyBar\WhammyBar.lua:34>
<in C code>: in function `securecall'
<string>:"*:OnMouseDown":1: in function <[string "*:OnMouseDown"]:1>

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