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WhammyBar - There's my Buddy!

Version: 0.55
by: LordVashtal [More]

This plugin has been depreciated and included with the WhammyBar suite

Many moons ago I searched long and hard for the one to ease my burden. I had the tools, but there were too many to deal with. I needed something to maintain my fearsome mounts and just so adorable non-combat pets. Those that attempted to assist me were dispatched quickly, as if their notion of a 'random' selection was of any use to my desires. No, random would not quell my desires for power, glory, the ability to make sure I wouldn't fall to my death in Nagrand when I wanted a flying mount and received my kodo instead...

Thanks to the recent invention of the 'WhammyBar', I was able to craft together a very handy set of and, being the merciful lord that we all know and fear, I now give to you.

To install, I prefer Method #53. Elegant, painful, and leaves only the great smell of Brute.
First, make sure you have the WhammyBar mod installed in your AddOns directory then install this mod in the AddOns directory as well. Next, simply load up WoW, pop on as your character, and you should be good to go. Your mounts and companions should appear as bars as you acquire them.

Use it well, and don't forget to spay and neuter your non-combat pets.

-Vashtal, Lord of the Red Rocks

Author's Notes:
This was actually the motivation behind WhammyBar in the first place, the ability to spit out all the Mounts I had in my bags. By the time I had a decently functional version of WhammyBar, however, Blizzard made the move to change mounts and non-coms into spells to help free up bag space and I found out that, hey, some people have over 50 mounts on hand! Well, I worked long and hard on both and finally have a system I am proud of.

- Whenever you learn a new mount or critter, the bar should update accordingly.
- Thanks to the "Leading the Cavalry" achievement, I've added the ability to wrap bars from 2 to 20 icons in length as well as splitting up mounts/critters into groups of 15 in the config for easier disabling.
- Currently I have a list of mounts that the plugin uses to determine the mount's type. If it isn't found, the mount is thrown into the 'Other' category. Unfortunately, this list was compiled before patch 3.0.2 and may have some inconsistencies.

Future Functionality:
- Class-based mounts included in the list (currently I don't have any level 30 warlocks or paladins to work on this functionality).
- Item-based mounts such as the Hallow's Eve rickety broom item.

Updated for patch 3.1
Fixed skeletal warhorse & Mag'har talbuks

Added the deathknight Death Charger to the mounts
Fixed some of the sorting
Cleaned up the initialization processes

Fixed the cooldown on icons

Added functionality to reload bars via /wbar buttons slash command

Initial import of mount/critter bars
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