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Updated: 12-23-08 06:13 AM
Updated:12-23-08 06:13 AM
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Broker Wraps

Version: 2.0
by: Penthouse36 [More]

Something in between a datafeed and a display addon for LibDataBroker.

It's an adaptation of Astromech's Carousel Display addon and therefore he deserves all the credits. Instead of displaying multiple datafeeds in a single frame. This wraps those datafeeds in one new datafeed for any display addon to use. It also creates a second 'control' feed for cycling through your selected feeds...

It's in beta at the moment. I'm trying figure out the last details and a way to create multiple wraps. It's mostly functional though.


Known issues:

* Tooltips provided by fuBar plugins misbehave sometimes...
* Suffix changes go wrong in StatBlockCore...
* ...

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