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Updated: 04-15-09 04:04 PM
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Updated:04-15-09 04:04 PM
Created:04-15-09 04:04 PM


Version: 1
by: jaliborc [More]

The sucessor of this addons, Bump, can be found on Curse.

Have you ever wondered how much reputation you gain at each of those pré-Burning Crusade battlegrounds? Maybe the "Justiciar" achievement sounds nice, or maybe you just want to win reputation for fun.
Well, I did wonder. So I made this little and light addon which displays how much reputation is won at the end of a battleground. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy!


  • Displays how much reputation is won at the end of a battleground
  • No configuration needed

How to Help:
  • Report bugs you find
  • Share your ideas for new features
  • Share your addons with your friends
  • And, if you which, consider donating. Anything is appreciated!

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