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UntypeO Word List Updater including SOURCE

Version: 1.0
by: camperdave [More]

UntypeO Word List Updater Source Release
A Tool for UntypeO

This tool is heavily based on my previous work with the Diction Word List Merger. This program, for all intents and purposes, replaces that one as my main focus.

How to install:

This is the source package. If you are not interested in how it works, and just want a smaller and more convenient file, I direct you to my binary package.

It is a Visual Studio 2008 C# project. There's a binary in there, but something tells me if you're downloading the source package, you want to inspect the code and compile it yourself. So do that first.

Once you've got a binary, drop it into the UntypeO addon folder.

Once that's done, simply drag a words.lua from Diction or UntypeO, or an UntypeO.lua saved variables file ontop of it to merge them into your words.lua file.

Or, as a new feature to the UntypeO version, just click the executable. It will open a dialog to select the file to merge.

Any questions or comments (particularly on how foul the code is, yeah it needs a re-write), don't hesitate to contact me!

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