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BornabeUI *1920x1200* (The Big Pack)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v4.2.2
by: Bornabe [More]

**WARNING: This UI Compilation Will Cause Slow Loading, it is not for the Weak, be prepared for the Ultimate in User Interface satisfaction.

* I've tested this on 1920x1200 resolution with flawless results. Please report other resolutions that work without adjustments. I cannot guarantee it to work with any other resolutions, but know that only minor adjustments to Pitbull Unit Frames Player, Pet, Target / Target's Target & Focus / Focus Target are needed when using this with 1920x1080 resolution.

**You can contact me inGame on the Area 52 Server as Bornabe or Bordahn (Horde).

-This UI is easily updated via your favorite methods.-

I've included 4 Artworks. In order to switch the Background Artwork, after the Reflux command, simply type /kgpanels config and choose the appropriate profile of your liking.

01/22/2011 *Uploaded 'Basic' ScreenShots for v4.0.3. (Updating these today.)
09/23/2009 *Added PhotoShop Template to Optional Files.

Notice: Follow all directions below before posting any problems with the UI Compilation in the comments. You MUST do a FRESH INSTALL of this UI to use it properly.


None of the Addons are modified in any way and are recommended to be updated regularly through your favorite updater.

Install & Setup Instructions

Delete or Backup your Interface & WTF Folders.
*Optional & Recommended* Delete your Cache folder.

*Set your preferred WideScreen Resolution & Video Settings when first starting the game, before logging in. 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 recommended.
** (Be sure to check Load Out of Date AddOns & click Enable All AddOns at the Character Select Screen.)

UnZIP this archive directly into your World of Warcraft folder. All subFolders will be created in the correct location. If they are not, as some UnZip programs operate differently, simply move the Interface & WTF folders into your main World of Warcraft folder.

Change ACCOUNTNAME to your Account Foldername.
Change SERVER to your Server Name.
Change CHARACTER to your Character's Name.
(It is HIGHLY recommended not to rename the original CHARACTER folder included, do a Copy / Paste so you can re-use this original folder anytime you create a new character.)

*Note: Use the included Server / Character folders for all of your characters and accounts, do not copy / paste from your own characters. Be sure to have Copied / Pasted the BornabeUI SERVER / CHARACTER folders for each of your Servers / Characters before starting any Configuration. It is also wise to keep the original CHARACTER folder for easy copy / pasting when creating new alts.


Type /reflux switch BornabeUI in the chat box and hit enter. Your UI will Reload and all settings should be in place.

Open the Interface menu, choose the Addons Tab and change the 'Profile' for each of the following addons.

Clique: (General Options - Profile Management) - CurrentCharacter
PassLoot: CurrentCharacter - CurrentServer
Rating Buster: CurrentClass

That's it, your done, enjoy! The steps above must be done for every character you have.

*This should not be an issue, but IF the animated portraits of yourself and your target are not in their correct place:

Type /zmob config, choose Profile, then select Bornabe of Area 52, press Copy and then press Paste All.

List of AddOns Used in this Compilation

-Damn Achievement Spam

Action Bar
-Action Bar Saver
-Inline Aura

Auction & Merchants

Broker Display
-Ara Broker Guild Friends
-Broker Equipment
-FuBar GarbageFu

Buffs & Debuffs
-Power Source
-Satrina Buff Frame

Character, Bags, Inventory & Items
-Inspect Equip
-PassLoot AtlasLoot

Chat & Communication
-BadBoy AntiSpam Automatic Reporter
-BadBoy AntiSpam (Guilded)
-BadBoy AntiSpam (Levels)
-Cirk's Lootcounter
-Conversation Manager
-Prat 3.0

Class (Druid)

Class (Hunter)
-Misdirection Amount Announcer
-Simple Viper Warning

Combat, Party & Raid
-Boss Notes
-Deadly Boss Mods
-Ensidia Fails
-Mik Scrolling Battle Text
-Omen Threat Meter
-Raid Death Fix
-Raid MobMarker HUD

Games & Entertainment
-WoW Texas Hold'em

-Armory GuildBank

Map & Travel
-HandyNotes Guild

-Addon Chat Message Hider
-JabberJab Level Jukebox
-Learning Aid

Mounts & Pets

-Damn Quest Icons
-Natch AtlasQuest Helper

-Bonus Scanner
-Damn Tooltip Icons
-Enchant Woot-O-Matic
-Swindler Preventer

-Ackis Recipe List
-Catalogue Owner
-Damn Craft Spam
-DoubleWide Profession
-Fishing Ace
-Gnomish Yellow Pages
-Only Skillups
-Reverse Engineering

Units / Portraits
-Damn Unit Sounds
-Pitbull4 Extras
-Pitbull4 (OmniCC Disable)
-Virtual Plates

Visual Enhancements
-BTex Custom Skins by Bornabe

Version # is based on Patch Compatability & Bug Fixes.
-The last .x if a letter is shown is in reference to my own Bug Fixes & Updates for BornabeUI when necessary.

v4.2.2 Release Date: 10/8/2011
Tested Compatability: WoW v4.2.2.14545
-Complete Overhaul of BornabeUI
-Replaced many Addons with more current ones.
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Awesome Ui im using it now and i love it specially map is square is big, the chat, exp bar, and all the other addon u put on to create this awesome Ui
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