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Version: 1.3 release
by: latok [More]

This small AddOn auto Enable/Disable guild repair for certain guild ranks with a specific amount when the player, that must be the Guild Master, enter/leaves a raid instance.

Basiclly you could select in wich instances this add on will work, some guild ranks that will repair and gold per day allowed.

Onces is setup just join a raid group a enter in a raid instance to auto activate the guild repair, when ever you leave the raid group the guild repair should be disable.

You could modify option in blizzard AddOn Options or with the slash command /agr or /AutoGuildRepair.

You could manually enable/disable guild repair manually with the slash command /grpair

Thanks to all Soulbound Horde Guild in Zul'Jin Eur Server

1.3 Release

- Minor bug fixes

- Includes Ruby Sanctum

1.2 Release

- Update TOC to 3.3

- Add IceCrown Citadel Raid Instance (10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal, 25 Heroic)

- Now you could select wich ranks will repair individually instead of minum rank

1.1 Release

- Add Trial of the Crusader Raid Instance (10 Normal, 10 Heroic, 25 Normal, 25 Heroic)

- Change Raid descriptions to the new 10 Man / 25 Man nomenclature

- Modify Logic for new 10 Man / 25 Man (Norman & Heroic) as its defined in 3.2
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Unread 09-26-10, 12:33 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Yes that's bad , if the GM could just set wich guild rank could enable / disable guild repair.

Another bad thing its that guild master ALLWAYS could repair with guild bank
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Unread 09-25-10, 11:28 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Now if only blizzard would let us give the option to turn on/off guild repairs to the officers in the guild. We approach our leadership as a council of a sort. Our officers are all equal, and no one has more authority than another. The Guild Master rank has been just renamed "Banks and Ranks" as it's the only character blizzard will allow to modify ranks, guild bank, and other things of that nature.

Sorry for the rant about blizzard. lol

I meant to come on here and just say, nice looking mod. Seems very useful for a lot of people.
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