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Version: 0.1.4
by: Gotai [More]

Wuzzit do then?

gotGestures allows you to execute snippets of Lua code through mouse gestures. Some Lua knowledge (or someone willing to help you) is required to use this addon. The usage is simple: press and hold the gotGestures button and draw a pattern with your mouse. Once the pattern is done release the keybind and whatever's bound to your gesture will be executed.

FAQ prevention:

  • gotGestures can not, and will not ever be able to execute secure functions such as targetting, casting or using items. Do not request such a thing, it can not be done in combat, making it not worth the hassle of implementing.
  • Scripts are saved globally by default, gesture bindings are saved per character.
  • If you're one of those people that doesn't like ingame configs, feel free to comment out Menu.lua in the TOC file by placing ## in front.
  • If you don't like the ingame script editor, you can add your scripts through a Lua file. You can pass your table containing the scripts to gotGestures using gotGestures:AddScriptTable(table). If you want to setup the Bindings as well, wait for the Initiated event to fire:

    gotGestures:Listen("Initiated", function(self)
    		ScriptName = {
    			func = "Function name",
    			args = "Args passed to func", -- optional
    		SomeOtherScript = {
    			code = "Body of the function. Will be turned into a function using loadstring."
    			binding = "RUD"	-- optional, needs to be uppercase

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