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Cataclin BG queuer

Version: 1.1
by: Cidwel [More]

Cataclin provides a simple interface that allows to single groups (not in raids) to sync battleground queues, even in the new random battleground system, in order to perform premades.

I made this addon to allow groups to queue specially in the new random battleground system (wich only works with groups of 5 or less members) and also works for queuing to individual battlegrounds.
It works in a different mode than Preform AV Enabler. PreformAV allows to queue raids in battlegrounds but they can't use the "Join as group" feature. This addon tries to use this way of BG queuing.

In order to perform battleground queuing, the party leaders of every group must have the addon and they must to sync together.

To open the panel you must use /cataclin or /cc command.

Installation and use:
First you need to make a hierarchy of groups that want to stay in the same battleground. A simple example to queue in a 15-man battleground is that

Cidwel (main raid leader)

Voreal (group 2 leader)

Loborafa (group 3 leader)

In this example, Cidwel, Voreal and Loborafa are the leaders of their groups. You must remember that this groups must not to be together in raid, they must be separated.

If in the example Cidwel is the main raid leader of the premade, he must type /cc and select the "Main raid leader" role and in the group list window he must type the names of the other group leaders, in this case he must type Voreal in group 2 and Loborafa in group 3.

Voreal and Loborafa must select the "group leader" role and type Cidwel in the "Main raid leader" text box.

Now, Cidwel has to press the button that represents the battleground that they want to queue, per example the Random Battleground.

When a battleground triggers for a group, they must warn that the battleground has popped.

If a battleground have popped too for the other group leaders, they must to join the battleground.

The addon works in a very simple and primitive way, Due the battlegroup disadvantage of factions in my battlegroup, I can't test it's efectiveness in a way that I would want, so it's very important for me that if you like the way it works or if it doesn't work, please send me feedback. I will be pleased!. If this queuing system works, I will probably improve the addon to not to be so dumb.

This is my last battlecry before I quit playing WoW, because the only meaning for me in this game is to play premade Vs premade and right now (3.3.3) this is a feature that you could only do once every 3-4 hours of insane queuing, at least in my battlegroup.

- Added cancel queue notifications
- Added addon usage control
- Fixed battleground queuing
- Added queue only when all the leaders are ready to queue

- First release of Cataclin
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