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PewPew - No more guns

Version: 1.0
by: Nyctrennis [More]

This addon turns all gun sounds into pew pew pew sounds, made by myself. This addon is not only for the exasperated hunter who dislikes the gun sound, but also for the random dungeoneer looking for a few laughs whilst having a hunter in your midst!

How to Install:
1. Extract this folder somewhere, it doesn't matter.
2. It should have extracted a folder named 'Sound'.
3. Drag the Sound folder to your World of Warcraft directory, and into the 'Data' folder. Your addon is installed

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Sound modifying addons now require OGG file format

The ZIP file here contains WAV file format and must first be converted to OGG for it to work with the most recent WoW Patch 4.3.3. Recent patch removed legacy WAV support. Easy to convert wav files to OGG with Audacity or other free apps available online.
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