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Updated: 07-30-12 09:17 PM
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Updated:07-30-12 09:17 PM
Created:04-13-10 10:40 AM
Categories:Developer Utilities, WoW Tools & Utilities

WoW API For Dreamweaver

Version: v4.3.4
by: StormFX [More]


This package will add World of Warcraft add-on development support to Dreamweaver. It includes features that will aid add-on developers who use Dreamweaver for code-editing.


This package contains two methods of installation:

  • Full - Install all of the contents as a single extension.
  • Stand-Alone - Install the content of the package as three separate extensions.


Lua: v5.1.1
  • Lua Document Type.
  • Code Coloring and Code Hints for the standard Lua libraries.
  • Code Coloring and Code Hints for the Lua Bit Library.

World of Warcraft API: v4.3.4.15595
  • Code Coloring and Code Hints for the World of Warcraft API.
  • Separate Code Coloring for Internal, Protected and Deprecated API functions.

World of Warcraft XML: v4.3.4.15595
  • WoW XML Tag Library
  • WoW XML Tag Completion and Code Hints
  • Embedded Lua XML Event Block Support


Due to the nature and size of this project, it's highly possible that some things were overlooked or that minor errors were made. Please feel free to submit any inconsistencies that you may find.

Note that the code hints are currently limited to commonly used functions and methods and will be updated as the project grows.

These extensions were only tested in Dreamweaver CS4. If you notice any problems in older versions, please let me know.


This package is an expansion of the original "Lua Tools" by Beladona and was taken over with permission. All credit and a lot of thanks go to her for the original project.

See the included History.txt.
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