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Cirk's Aspects - Fan Update

Version: 3.2.0.F
by: help137 [More]

NOTE: Since Hunters and Shamans now get an aspect bar as part of the basic Blizzard UI as of patch 4.01, this add-on will not be updated for Cataclysm and has been retired.

NOTICE: This is a Fan Update of an add-on by Cirk. This is being posted to fix the LUA error on login to a toon and update the TOC to ver 3.3.x. Since Cirk appears to have gone walkabout and he has turned off the ability to upload patches to his stuff, I will leave this here until he returns or Blizzard patches (breaks) something I can't fix.

Aspects is an addon that places your hunter's aspects or shaman's Ghostwolf up above the default Blizzard action bars in the same place that the stealth button for a rogue, stances for a warrior, forms for a druid, and auras for a paladin are shown. It also replaces the default Blizzard stealth, stances, forms, and auras with its own scalable and moveable version.

For hunters, druids, and paladins, Aspects provides the ability to change which spells are shown by Aspects, and in what order, using the /aspect set command. It also moves the pet action bar over to the right by enough space to fit in your aspects, so you may need to reduce your scaling size if you run out of room.

You can also unlock the Aspects bar and reposition it wherever you want on the screen, rather than leaving it at the default location. Doing so however will stop Aspects from automatically adjusting the pet bar position.

Aspects's slash commands
Aspects supports the following slash commands:

/aspect help shows these options.
/aspect on enables Aspects for your current character (the default if you are hunter or shaman).
/aspect off disables Aspects for your current character.
/aspect scale changes the scaling of the Aspects buttons.
/aspect list shows the spells you and Aspects know.
/aspect set <name> <#|on|off> sets order and visibility of your aspect spells (hunter, druid, paladin only).
/aspect reset resets the order and visibility of your aspect spells (hunter, druid, paladin only).
/aspect toggle <on|off> allows you to set whether your spells toggle on and off which each click of the same button, or not (hunter, paladin, shaman only)
/aspect unlock unlocks the Aspect bar so you can move it.
/aspect lock locks the Aspect bar in its new position.
/aspect auto resets the Aspect bar back to its default (automatic) position.
/aspect status shows you whether Aspects is enabled or not currently, and how much addon memory it is using.

What hotkeys will it use?
Aspects uses the same keys as the equivalent shapeshift buttons would use, which for a windows client would be CTRL-F1, CTRL-F2, etc. For easy reference, the hotkeys corresponding to each Aspects button will show up at the bottom right of the tooltip that you see when you mouseover the aspects buttons.

You can change the assigned keys easily under the Key Bindings option of the main menu - look for the Special Action Button entries, and change them to whatever you'd like. Note that since those buttons are also used for other class skills (such as for a rogue's Stealth) you may want to make any changes to these key bindings character specific by checking the box on the top-right of the Key Bindings screen.

If you are using Blizzard's default UI layout and are using tabbed chat frames, you might find that you need to move your chat window up a bit to fit the shapeshift bar in under the chat frame. You can do this by right clicking on the General tab at the top of the chat frame, selecting Unlock, then left-clicking and dragging on the General tab to move the chat windows where they won't be in the way. After you are done, right-click on the General tab again and select Lock to relock your windows again!

If you can't see the General tab at the top of your chat window when you mouse over the chat window, your chat windows might have been locked from being changed. To unlock them, open the Main menu (via the ESC key) and select Interface, chose the Chat option, and clear the Lock Chat Settings option. After you have moved your chat frame, you can relock them again if you want.

Currently Aspects only has locale information for its text entry and reporting in US english, but its ready to support other client languages - all I need are the appropriate translations for the entries in the localization.lua file. So if you'd like to see it working in your local language, please have a go at modifying this file, and when you think its all working for you, post it here and I'll merge it into the official version!

Note that Aspects should still work on all clients, even if it doesn't show its help and other text in your local language.

-- Cirk of Doomhammer

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