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nUI CenteredHUD  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.07.19
by: spiel2001 [More]

NOTE: This plugin will not work with any version of nUI prior to nUI 5.06.18 (Lite) or nUI+ 5.06.18 (Release)

This plugin modifies nUI's default Playet/Target and Health/Power HUDs to cause the health and power bars to collapse toward, and expand from, the center of each bar. This plugin does use the same layout rules for the remaining HUD elements.

This plugin requires that you have the nUI core mod installed.

Official nUI technical support and user forum...

Contacting the author directly...Official nUI distribution sites and comment boards...For a complete list of optional skins and nUI plugins, please visit...
nUI is user supported software...

nUI relies on your donations for its survival and continued development. To make a donation to support nUI, please visit…
Please note: I do not read the comment board on this download page. If you would like to comment on this plug-in or need help installing or using it, please use the link provided above.

To use this skin:
  1. Exit WoW
  2. Download and install the most recent version of nUI if you have not already as you would any other addon. You should unzip the contents of the download file into your Interface\AddOns directory
  3. Download and install this addon as you would any other addon and unzip it into the Interface\AddOns directory as well.
  4. After downloading and installing both mods, you should have both an Interface\AddOns\nUI directory and an Interface\AddOns\nUI_TextlessHUD directory
  5. You can return to using the default HUD (with labels) at any time by selecting the "AddOns" option at the WoW character selection screen and disabling nUI_TextlessHUD.
  6. Select your character and enter the world. nUI will automatically replace the default HUD layouts with the textless HUD version if it is enabled.

5.07.19 -- Updated for WoW Patch 4.3

5.07.18 -- Updated for WoW Patch 4.2

5.07.17 -- Updated for WoW Patch 4.1

5.06.19 -- Updated for WoW patch 4.0
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NOTE: This plugin requires nUI 5.06.18 or later to work. It will *NOT* work with versions of nUI prior to that.

For technical support on this plugin, please visit nUI's support forums here on WoW Interface ( http://forums.nUIaddon.com )

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