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Updated: 05-28-10 10:47 AM
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Emblem Watch

Version: 1.0b
by: cyberillusion [More]

A collection of three different addons that watch frost, triumph and stone keeper's shards across all characters per realm and gives a total of each per realm.

The set consists of:

  • FrostWatch
  • TriumphWatch
  • ShardWatch

FrostWatch will only record those characters that are level 80 or higher and will only list those characters that actually have Emblems of Frost.

Both TriumphWatch and ShardWatch will only record those characters that are level 70 or higher and will only list those characters that actually have Stone Keeper's Shards or Emblems of Triumph.

They are independant of each other and do not require the other to work. if you don't want to watch one, either don't install it or don't enable it.

Options for all include:
  • Show or Hide the display
  • Lock or Unlock the display so that you can drag them
  • Ability to set font size
  • Reseting the display (incase it gets behind something and you can't drag it or see it)
  • A context menu with quick options for locking/unlocking the display, setting the font size, hiding the display, and setting the opacity for the display.

Options can be accessed from a slash command:
  • /fw - for FrostWatch
  • /tw - TriumphWatch
  • /shw - for ShardWatch

Typing any of these by themselves will give you a list of available commands.

Version 1.0b
-- Displays should now remember if they were hiding or not when logging in

Version 1.0a
-- Minor typo corrections
-- Additional logic to prevent listing of characters with 0 Frost, Triumph, or Stone Keeper's Shards
-- Corrected level requirement for character registration in FrostWatch

Version 1.0
-- Initial Release
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Displays still can't seem to remember whether or not they were hidden... working on it....
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