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Version: v0.1 (beta)
by: Recompense [More]

Whippersnapper is in beta.

This addon lets you respond to in-game events with text. You can choose what percent of the time you respond with the text as well as a delay after which the response is transmitted.

Some potential uses for Whippersnapper:

- When people are asking for crafters in trade, automatically respond with a whisper to them letting them know you can craft things.
- When you cast a spell on someone, whisper them to indicate you've cast MD/Tricks/PI or whatever on someone.
- Automatically correct people's spelling in Trade Chat. (What's an inscriptionist?)
- Send messages to yourself when your cooldowns are up.
- Roleplay galore!
- And of course, the original inspiration for the addon: when raid bosses monologue, you get to talk back to them.

See the readme file for a quick intro, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

See the To Do list for things that I'm working on implementing.

Please report any bugs or feature requests using the buttons underneath the download button.

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