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Updated: 07-23-10 03:03 PM
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Updated:07-23-10 03:03 PM
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Version: 3.3
by: amnith [More]

Tabbe is a small tab completion addon with the simple goal of completing nicks in chats. The nicks are gathered from the guild roster, raid roster, friends list and current party. By default, offline friends and guild members are not included, but it is available through /tabbe.

The addon was originally based on AceTab-2.0 which was defunct at the time of the initial addon creation, and has since then received some overhaul and additional features. Some code from AceTab-2.0 is still included.

There are few options available at this point, and by typing /tabbe one can see the available options. They are:
/tabbe friends - Toggles whether offline friends should be included
/tabbe guild - Toggles whether offline guild members should be included

Bugs and feature requests
Please file all bugs and feature requests at Tabbe's github repository.

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