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Version: 1.0
by: Xendrie [More]

* Menu that allows you to easily change the setup
* Auto repair With or without guild funds
* Auto sell grey items
* Auto delete grey items
* Automatic block that does not allow both auto sell and delete to be toggled on at the same time.


1) Go to the menu (press escape) select interface
2) Go to the addons tab and select ScrapnForgeConfig
3) Select the options you desire and click ok
4) Enjoy the addon

Note: Due the nature of the auto delete function every time you log in a new char you have to configure its own setup.

How it Works

If you toggled the auto sell every-time you talk to a merchant the addon will search your bags and attempt to delete any grey items.

The same will happen if you toggled the repair option and the merchant can repair items, if you toggled the guild option it will always use your guild funds over your own funds provided your withdraw limit and guild funds are equal or above the price of the repair.

However if you're in a guild and you have no permissions to repair and yet toggled the option the addon wont repair your armor until you unchecked that option.

If you toggled the auto delete, it will check your bags every-time you loot an item or move something in your bags.

Additional info regarding the traditional install/uninstall of addons included in the readme.txt

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