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Rotten Warrior

Version: 0.31
by: Mldr [More]

If you have tried this addon before and found bugs or incompatibilities, then I urge you to try it now. Many of the old features were hardcoded to my own needs and would make the addon behave weird or completely break it for others. That said, the addon is still a work in progress, but everyone I have asked to test it, or come with feedback, all enjoy a fully working and functional addon

Rotten Warrior is a simple graphical frame (a flowchart) that displays good-to-know information during combat, the addon is based of an idea and groundwork by Kremonte, all credit goes to him.
It currently works for all three warriors talentspecs. In arms and fury, the ability priorities are based on maximum singletarget damage per second. The protection priority, is based on maximum singletarget threat.

First and foremost the addon displays your current attackpower a quick-updating icon to show you what ability would be the highest DPS/threat ability to use, taking into account numerous things, such as talentspecc, current rage and cooldowns.
The addon is quick-updating during combat, which might seem pretty intense at first, but the addon is not meant to be a complete babysitter.

The addon is used by myself, and therefore optimized for my own raiding enviroment, which means 25 man raiding fully buffed. Both Arms and Protection have filler abilities, Slam and Devastate. In fury, there is no such filler, therefore Rotten Warrior will use Sunder armor. Although, it will only show up if you have time to not "cut into" whirlwind or bloodthirst, taking into account global cooldown. The sunder armor icon can therefore be ignored if you have a warrior tank doing sunder for you, OR you can use the sunder armor icon as a indicator as to when to use abilities (recklessness, deathwish) without losing time that could have been used for damage dealing abilities.

In Arms the current priority queue is (almost) as follows:

  • Keep Rend up
  • rage < 5 - bloodrage
  • rage > 95 - heroicstrike
  • Overpower
  • Execute (Under 20%)
  • Mortal Strike
  • Execute (Sudden Death)
  • Slam

In Fury:
  • Heroic Strike when rage > 80 (Target above 20%)
  • Heroic Strike when rage > 60 (Target under 20%)
  • Whirlwind
  • Bloodthirst
  • Slam (Bloodsurge)
  • Execute (Under 20%)

In Protection:
  • Shield Slam - Sword and Board
  • rage < 12 - Bloodrage (depends on talents to reduce rage cost)
  • rage > 60 - Heroic Strike
  • rage > 17 - Shield Slam
  • Revenge
  • Concussion blow
  • Shockwave
  • Devastate

Other stuff that is good to know:
The frame is only displayed when not in a vehicle, and an enemy target is selected.
The frame is easily moveable, but the center point can be changed in the lua file.

  • Version 0.3 -
  • Added Fury flowchart
  • Updated flowchart system to better take into account spellcooldowns and globalcooldown
  • Added automatic detection of cleave and heroicstrike for 'IsCurrentAction'
  • Added actionbar changed event handling (for detection of cleave and heroicstrike)
  • Added better talent detection
  • Version 0.2 -
  • Fixed addon initialization (thanks alot Xruptor and Everglow)
  • Added handlers for talent updating and switching between dual specs
  • Version 0.1 -
  • Woop!

  • Update for cataclysm.

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The Spellbook is loaded already when PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD is fired in the loading process, but, sadly, talent information isn't. There is one more event though, which is PLAYER_ALIVE. when that fires, all info including talents should be available. Note that it will also fire when the player accepts a res before releasing, or if they spirit res (...if they run back to their body and res normally, PLAYER_UNGHOST fires instead.)

On a side note, the intitializing event that you are using now (PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD) also fires whenever a player ports somewhere or zones into/outof an instance.

Hope that helps.
Everglow - Sisters of Elune/US
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