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Version: 2.0
by: Xendrie [More]

What is ShoutMyCD?

ShoutMyCD provides the user with the ability to add multiple messages to his cooldowns. At this moment the addon is able to shout messages for 48 cooldowns.


  • Allows the user to set messages for 48 distinct cooldowns *list
  • Allows those messages to be shouted via Say, Group(Party/Raid), BG or Yell chat.
  • Uses a RNG factor to chose the message from the list of the specific ability (Assuming there's more than one message set for the spell)
Note: It still works with only one message.

ShoutMyCD is still a Work in progress!
ShoutMyCD development is still under progress, that said you can be sure that the next version might have the cooldown you're looking for.
Updates might not be as fast as expected due to lack of time, but should be quite faster now that I’ve figured out the data structure/addon-GUI.

Check my portal for future updates to ShoutMyCD and my other projects.

Due to the number of changes in the addon I advise you to delete the ShoutMyCD folder in Interface/addons instead of replacing files.
Replacing files may end up creating bugs/errors.
Also, all the messages from Version 1.x will be ignored. You should write them in a side document before you attempt to install the version 2.0 and then add them in the 2.0 GUI.

On future updates I’ll work to ensure the you won't need to backup any messages from 2.0 ->2.X.

  1. Call the frame with the slash command /shoutmycd
  2. Select the appropriate shouting option (bear in mind those options are global at this moment), and then select the class you wish to manage.
  3. Use the abilities dropdown to select the ability you wish to manage.

Add a Message

After selecting an ability, you should use the textbox to write the message you wish to add, click the button “add” afterward.

Delete a Message

Should you wish to delete a message, you should select it from the second dropdown and then press the button “Delete”.

Test the message list for a specific spell

Select the spell you need from the appropriate dropdown and click the test button, you should now have a sample of the random picked message printed in your chat window (having say, party or yell wont matter on this feature since it's built to print messages on your client only).

Selecting the place to shout the message and how it works

Select one of the buttons/box bellow.

Say and yell messages will be displayed in the respective channels. However, if the user selected the battleground box and is inside a battleground the addon will shout it in the battleground chat instead.

For party/raid message will be displayed in:
  • Party if user is inside a party but not inside a raid or a battleground(while the bg option is on).
  • Raid if the user is inside a raid but not inside a battleground(while the bg option is on).
  • Battleground - If the user selected the battleground box and is inside a battleground the addon will shout it in the battleground chat instead.

Also, if say, yell and party are disabled but battleground is enabled, the addon will shout the messages only when the user is inside a battleground.

Disabling the addon without having to logout

Click the Disable button.

Thanks to:
Wow UI Designer developers, for providing the community with a great tool on addon gui development.
My mate Isenstar, for providing me with feedback of the Gui development amongst other stuff.
You, for taking your time to read this far and to hopefully to download my addon.

Anti-magic shell
Anti-magic zone
Army of the dead
Death grip
Icebound fortitude
Mind freeze

Frenzied regeneration
Skull bash
Solar beam
Survival instincts
Tree of life

Ancient hysteria
Silencing shot

Time warp

Ardent Defender
Divine sacrifice
Hand of freedom
Hand of protection
Hand of reckoning
Lay on hands

Divine hymn
Hymn of hope
Leap of faith
Pain supression
Power infusion
Power word: barrier


Mana tide totem

Spell lock

Enraged regeneration
Last stand
Shield bash
Shield wall


Whole new GUI providing the user with class buttons, ability lists, and the standard message list.
Added 42 new cooldowns.
Added Slash Command.
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Unread 08-04-10, 10:45 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Most of those are already in my to do list I can assure that my priorities are set on raid utility/damage absorb/emergency cooldowns.

It's just a matter of time
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Unread 08-04-10, 10:07 AM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver
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There is a whole bunch of cooldowns, that would be interesting to know about...

Speaking as a tank: Warrior: ShieldWall and LastStand; Paladin: Bubble, Layon hands (is it called that way?);

Speaking as a Shamy-heal: Manatide

The raid should know about these cooldown, since they have impact on the gameplay: If I use ShieldWall for example, I need less heal -> Healers can bring up the group, Last Stand, I got more HP -> Need healers to top me off, because huge damage is incoming.

This is just an example, and personally, I achieve exactly this by macros, but having an addon to provide those messages would really be nice.
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