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Updated: 10-07-10 06:42 AM
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Updated:10-07-10 06:42 AM
Created:09-01-10 05:55 PM


Version: 0.2.0
by: Nibelheim [More]


What is it:

nibUIScale allows you to set different UI Scales across multiple accounts and characters on the same PC.

  • /nibuiscale - Displays a list of available commands.
  • Account
    • /nibuiscale account - Displays the current Account UIScale. This is the UIScale that all Characters on a given Account will use by default.
    • /nibuiscale account UIScale - Sets the Account UIScale. Can be any value between 0.64 and 1.
      Example: /nibuiscale account 0.75
  • Character
    • /nibuiscale character - Tells you which UIScale the current character is using (either Character or Account) and displays the UIScale value.
    • /nibuiscale character UIScale - Sets the Character UIScale and makes the current character use the Character UIScale. This allows you to set individual characters to use a different UIScale then the Account UIScale. Can be any value between 0.64 and 1.
    • /nibuiscale character off - Makes the current character use the Account UIScale.

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