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Proculas Beta

Version: 2.0-beta4
by: Clorell [More]

Proculas 2.0

New in 2.0

  1. Add procs from the options interface.
  2. Works with WotLK and Cata.
  3. Less code for proc modules.

Add Procs
If you are confused with the add proc interface, you can watch the tutorial video located here.

  1. Proc announcement customization.
  2. Proc statistics via DataBroker.
  3. Proc cooldown display.
  4. Procs Per Minute counter.
  5. Total Procs counter.
  6. Proc Uptime Percent.

Proculas was created in October of 2008 by Mcstabin(Clorell) [US Hellscream]

2.0 Beta 4
- Fixed bugs with adding procs

2.0 Beta 3
- Removed class procs from WoW 3.x.x
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adding trinket procs

hi nice addon but i am only getting it for displaying my trinket procs specifically my banner of victory and needl encrusted scorpian. I have tried to add the spell and item IDs the name of the proc and edit sound in there to hear when it procs but nothing happens and ime sure that they r the correct IDs.

Please release a manual on /commands etc and functionality

ty for sharing
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