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Updated: 09-22-10 02:50 PM
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Updated:09-22-10 02:50 PM
Created:09-22-10 02:50 PM

ClassUnitFrame!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.3.5
by: Triyo [More]


This addon is for blizzards original UnitFrames. It changes 2 things, which is:

1. Changes the portraits to their classes.
2. Changes the HealthBar to classcolor instead of a green bar.

I do not take all the credit for this addon, i simply found old scripts, updated / fixxed them and made them a addon together. And im not sure there's a ADDON like this out here, atleast i did not find one. A friend of mine asked me about the addon and i thought i could share it with others as well.

- Triyo-Daggerspine(EU)

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How is this supposed to work? when I download it this is what I get:

Rar! ϐs
)t F HZ6=3! ClassUnitFrame\ClassUnitFrame.TOC pr Ք̽

an it keeps going for a very long time.
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