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Version: 1.2.0
by: Breezze [More]

the swiss army knife for raid leaders

RaidToolkit makes every day raid group tasks easier.

* Promote or demote everyone
* Kick offline people
* Kick groups
* Swap groups around
* Swap two groups
* Remove gaps by moving raidmembers to the top groups
* Shift up/down: moves all groups as a whole up or down
* Move people together in the same group
* Invite words
* Invite-other words (when someone says "invite Trollshaman" in raid,
it will invite that person)
* Or, instead of auto inviting people, add them to an invite list window
* Standby-group words (when a raidmember says "group 6" he will be moved to
group 6 (or, if it's full, to group 7)
* Group move and swap requests ("move me to group 1 please")
* Disband
* Reform: disband and recreate the raid
* Randomize raid setup (scrambles the raid groups)
* Change raid layout (max. raidmembers per subgroup)
normal layout is 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 i.e. max. 5 people per subgroup
you can change it to e.g. 5 4 3 2 5 5 5 5 (e.g. PvP battlegrounds)
* Whisperleader command. example: /rtk whisperleader "Promote me please"
* Slash commands for changing raid difficulty, size, loot method and
threshold, for use in macros
* View info about the raid (raid size, assistants, main tanks/asissts, loot type, difficulty)
* Automatically promote new raidmembers or only specific people
* Automatically move new raidmembers to the bottom groups
* Features such as invite-other, standby words, group move/swap can be
enabled/disabled in the configuration window
* Raidrolling
* Synchronize oRA2 maintanks with Blizzard's default maintanks/mainassists
* Give other assistants the ability to use some commands via chat
* Sort the raid groups by class, race, or role
* Show raid statistics/size by class, race or role
* Save and restore the subgroups
* Toggle or autohide Blizzard's Raid UI
* Keybinding for world markers (Raid flares)
* Use world markers in party

== USAGE ==
slash commands: /rtk or /raidtoolkit

Open the GUI window: /rtk gui
Open the configuation window: /rtk config
List all slash commands: /rtk help
Use /rtk_options if you would like to change configuration options from a macro
If you enable the "Remote control" option, you can say ".rtk help" in chat or in whisper


* Clicking commands too fast could result in wrong group setups

RaidToolkit - Changelog

Version 1.2.0 (2010-10-17)
* Show or hide Blizzard's Raid UI
* Keybinding for using world markers (Raid flares)
* Disable Blizzard's Raid UI upon entering the game
* Remote control: Allow some people to use the RaidToolkit's
features via raid chat or whisper
* Sort the raid by role, class or race
* Raid Statistics: view raidmembers by role, class or race
* Save current subgroups and restore them later
(/rtk store and /rtk restore)
* Create oRA2 maintank list based on Blizzard's maintanks and
mainassist assignments (/rtk ora)
* Raid roll (/rtk raidroll or /rtk rr)
* Initiate a role check (/rtk rolecheck)
* /rtk together: move people together in the same group
* /rtk marktanks: mark tanks with a raid icon
* Set and clear roles (/rtk setrole and /rtk clearrole)
(Optionally followed by a list of names)
* Show error messages for invite-other to the person who
requested it ("Trollrogue is already in a group.")
* You can use "/rtk promote Taurenshaman" to promote one person
* Enable/disable "RaidToolkit:" prefix in chat
* Uses the new convert to party (instead of disbanding and recreating as party)
* Shows your config settings (goes to Raid chat if Announce is enabled)
(/rtk showconfig)
* Keybindings for: toggle command window, toggle invite list
* Fixed bug: /rtk info: Dungeon difficulty seems to always be "5 player"
* Fixed bug: Addon doesn't remember the "Enable" checkbox when after relog
* Fixed bug: Doesn't always check if you're the group leader/assistant,
resulting in messages that you're not the leader.

Version 1.1.0-r1 (2010-10-08)
* Fixed bug in auto-promote list

Version 1.1.0 (2010-10-07)
* Invite list: instead of auto-inviting people, it adds them to the list
(you can open the list again with /rtk invlist)
* Auto-promote people that enter the raid
(promote everyone, or just a few people in a list)
* Fixed invite and group request patterns to support international characters
* Fixed bug: Typing /rtk gui twice opens a second window
* Fixed bug: /rtk whisperleader does not work (whispers only the first word)
* Fixed bug: Disable auto-move to group 8 doesn't work

Version 1.0.1 (2010-09-30)
* Group move and swap requests
(people can say "group 2" or "swap me with Undeadpriest" in raid chat)
* New option for invite-other to also whisper the person you're inviting
* Kickgroup option (example: /rtk kickgroup 6 7 8)
* Option to convert raid when you invite a 6th person
* Invite words are now case insensitive
* Bugfix: /rtk size: party size was 1 off
* Bugfix: When a person is in group 6, and group 6 is currently full. When he
uses the standby command, he will be moved to group 7, while he
should stay in group 6.

Version 1.0.0 (2010-09-30)
First release

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