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Equilibrium Notepad

Version: V1.6
by: Ghost Dancer [More]

A simple, lightweight notepad. Each character has their own page,
plus there is a shared page accessible by all characters.

This addon has been superseded by my new feature rich notepad, Noteworthy:

As such I will not be adding any more features to Equilibrium Notepad,
but I will leave it available for peopele who want the simplicity it offers.

Instructions & Notes
Toggle the notepad by clicking the book icon, using /notes or /notepad, or LDB plug-in.
To use as an LDB plugin, enable "Equilibrium Notepad (Broker)" in the addons screen.
Both the icon and notepad can be dragged to any position you wish.
The icon can be disabled from the main notepad window.
Disabling the icon will create a 'Notepad' macro (if it does not already exist and LDB not used).
Press Esc to take focus away from notepad (e.g. to type in the chat bar).

* Updated for patch 5.2.
* Added Broker plug-in (must be enabled via addons screen).
* Page size increased to 5,000 letters.

* Fixed for patch 5.1 (thanks to DeeRez).
* Icon can now be disabled from main notepad window.
* Disabling icon will create a 'Notepad' macro (if not already present).
* Slash commands (/notes and /notepad) added to toggle notepad window.

* Fixed for patch 4.01

* Renamed to Equilibrium Notepad.

V1.31 (Rashenn's Notepad)
* Toggle Page no longer saves your changes.
Only the Save button and Notepad toggle (book icon) stores your changes.
Click Cancel to revert to previous saved text.
* Added sound when toggling page.

* Release version.
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Unread 11-25-10, 06:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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increase maximum amount of lines/characters?

I've just started using your mod today, and noticed after adding and formatting all of my notes, that I had eventually lost some along the way. To verify this, I attempted to recopy and paste more info into the window, and it did not work.

It seems that there is maybe a line or character restriction built into the notepad? Is there any way I can change this?

Thanks for your work on creating this addon
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Unread 10-18-10, 10:48 AM  
A Black Drake
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Looks cool since i use to use ominbus that dont work anymore. And this fells more streamed down and easy to find and put information. Is there a suport for broker that puts it on the chocolat bar?
Thx for this!
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