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Updated: 10-22-10 01:25 AM
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Updated:10-22-10 01:25 AM
Created:10-22-10 01:25 AM

Kill 'em All

Version: 1.0
by: Hoern [More]

Kill 'Em All, Let Odin Sort 'Em out

Kill Em All (kea) is a small AddOn to help with the various execute/heal style tools most classes have since 4.0.1.

The (extremely complicated) setup

/kea <number> will pop up a raid style warning whenever your current target falls below the set percentage in health.

Examples, please!

Warlock Drain Soul does 4x damage on targets below 25 per cent health. /kea 25 sets the warning to pop up whenever my target falls below that, press Drain Soul, pronto.

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