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iGratz Fan Update

Version: 4.00
by: help137 [More]

iGratz for WoW version 4.01

The original author, Fithin, is back and has released a completely updated version, compatible with WoW 4.01 and with lots of nifty new features. Please go here and download his version. I will not be updating this one.

Addon version 4.0.0

This is a Fan Update of Fithin's excellent iGratz addon. Despite the 4.01 compatiable tag on the original, it is not, so I hit it with a code hammer until it worked (for me at least). I'm placing it here in case anyone else is missing it.


  • Assorted errors caused by Blizzard's changes to LUA
  • Addon no longer sends congratz when it's you that gets the achivement. (Not sure why this started happening, I think Blizz changed who gets the announcements. Or, I might have caused it with another fix. In any case, it shouldn't do it any more. )
I understand that Fithin is back form his RL adventures and will be updating his addons again. Once he officially updates iGratz, I will take this one down (Or sooner if he asks me to).

All credit for this addon, the image at right and the rest of this description go to Fithin.

iGratz is a simple text based add-on that will automatically congratulate your guild members when they get a new Achievement it will use one of the built-in messages, or you can create some of your own. Just install to the add-on directory and off you go. This add-on uses less than 10kb of memory, and really does liven up your guild mates achievements. If your guild mates get multiple achievements it will only fire off once every 5 seconds. So if they receive 2 or 3 or more within 5 secs they will only get one congratulatory message, Or if you have say your entire guild get an achievement it will only congratulate the first person to receive it, then will congratulate more after the 5 second mark, if lagg causes some of them to register later than others.

Below is a list of commands that have been implemented:

iGratz Commands:
/iGratz help - this informational guide.
/iGratz list - lists all messages.
/iGratz print <id> - test the specificed message.
/iGratz remove <id> - remove the specified message.
/iGratz add <message> - add the message.
Note: Be certain to use '#player' in your message in the place where the actual player's name will display.
/iGratz Whisper to send the Congrats directly to the player.
/iGratz Guild to send the Congrats in Guildchat.
/iG Time3 - /iG Time10 to set the delay time to between 3 - 10 seconds.
Note: Example /iG Time5 sets the delay to 5 seconds.
/iG Random to set the delay time to a random delay between 4 - 15 seconds.");

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