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Updated: 11-09-10 12:48 AM
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Updated:11-09-10 12:48 AM
Created:11-09-10 12:48 AM

alasin Counter (licky score)

Version: 1.0
by: Hoern [More]

A completely not serious addon.

This small Ace3 addon sits calmly around, recording your every move. Well, actually, it just records jumps, licks, nods, dances, and cheers.

Type /licky (or /dancy or /jumpy) to see your current licks, dances, etc. to date on this character.

Type /lickyscore (or /lscore) to see your LickyScore, the one and only true measurement of a pro player.

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lol this is a very creative addon It's like gearscore but rates you on your actual social abilities. Kudos
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