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ButtonFacade Rivet

Version: 000001
by: Lyelu [More]


You will need ButtonFacade to use this skin.


This was in answer to a request to add riveted buttons, to match with Tattoo's Copper style.

It will look funny until you adjust the spacing of your buttons in Bartender (and Satrina Buffs, if you have it).

* Set Bartender padding to 1.


If you need help installing addons, visit the forums:


You do not have to download all these, but in case you're wondering, the UI in the picture uses:

Bartender4: to remove Blizzard's default graphic, and be able to move your buttons around.

Basic Chat Mods: I disabled nearly everything and just used it to remove the ugly chatframe buttons.

ForteXorcist: The cooldown bar in the center.

Henna: Player Frame and Target Frame (placed in top left, here)

Quartz: (Not shown) To make my cast bar prettier and show my latency in the cast bar. I also like to use Quartz so I can set a Focus and have a Focus cast bar show really big across the top of my Grid. I know then when that emo LK is casting Defile!

Grid: For watching party and raid health. I don't know how anyone functions without this mod.

Satrina Buff Frames: I use this just to add a little spiffiness to my buffs, but more importantly, I can place my Debuffs right next to my Grid, and make them big. I find it easier to watch them there.

Tattoo: To add in Background Panels
TattooMinimap: Change look/feel of minimap.
TattooStats: Add in stats panel (the text at bottom right), because I removed my Micromenu.


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