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thek: Buttonskin

Version: beta1
by: thek [More]

thek: Buttonskin (BETA)

Since Blizzard added the MulticastActionbar (Totemactionbar) to the default UI i loved the new look and Buttonskin of this bar.

thek: Buttonskin adds those borderstyle to the following buttons of the default UI (i don't know if it works with custom actionbars, buffmods or unitframes):

  • default actionbar
  • default buff- and debuffbuttons
  • default target- and focusframebuffs & -debuffs
  • hides the normaltexture border from the Totemactionbar


open the core.lua and you can change the following values at its top:

-- configuration
buffsPerRow     = 16;
buffsRowSpacing = 20;
buffsColSpacing = 5;
buffSize        = 28;
At least thek: Buttonskin uses between 14 to 20kb of memory at the moment, cpu usage i don't know (as usual )

Works perfect with thek: Unitframes and integrates with it's totemframe, runeframe and comboframe layout.

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A Kobold Labourer

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Yet sure bug report

I would to say thanks to you for bring us this light-weighted simple addon before I come up with the question. This addon fits my preference perfectly. I found something which I am not sure if it is a bug or not. When you are using this addon with a DK, you may find that you can not tell which face you are currently using unless you check the buff on the topright corner. With the Blizzard default UI, the currently using face would surrounded by a glowing frame. Because this addon modifies the inner style of a button, it apparently replace this function. If you have time, please check with a DK. Maybe no one has this problem but me. >_<
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