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Endus' Shaman Auras  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.0.3
by: Endus [More]

Endus' Shaman, a complete Shaman PvE tracking package

These auras are a pre-packaged version of WeakAuras, complete with auras set up for everything an Elemental or Enhancement shaman needs to be aware of, in a small but info-rich package. Any comments or questions about WeakAuras itself is best directed at their site here (click me!), and all credit for the addon is theirs. Any updates to WeakAuras can be freely installed over the version here, it should have no effect on the functionality of these auras, and it's recommended that you update your addons regularly; I include a base package here just so you don't need to go hunting just to get it to work. I have also included SharedMedia and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts for extra customization options.

Screenshots are to the right, but don't really do it justice, since everything is animated.

What this package is:

  • Everything you need to effectively manage a Shaman's PvE-centric abilities (abilities that are primarily used in PvP such as Grounding Totem are not tracked).
  • Relatively small in screen real estate, so it doesn't obscure your view or require you to look all over your screen for various trackers
  • Similar to the default Blizzard auras for spell tracking, for Lava Burst warnings
  • "Smart", in that it automatically detects your spec and talent choices where relevant, with each talent swap or spec change; you shouldn't ever have to manually turn on/off an aura because you tweaked your character, it should happen automatically.
  • Includes a text file to import just the aura for existing WeakAuras users; if you already have WeakAuras with auras set up for other classes, you'll need to import these manually as the package would overwrite your entire aura list with just these included auras

There may be items you wish to track that are not included; WeakAuras is a highly flexible addon and I strongly recommend getting to know it; you can add whatever kind of trackers you like to this baseline setup. I may add support for trinkets/enchants/etc in the next version.

Important Notes
For feedback or questions, you're most likely to get ahold of me by using the post or a PM at MMO-Champion, since I keep forgetting to check for PMs and comments here.

I will not update this package with every new version of WeakAuras, however there is no reason why a WeakAuras update would break the auras, so please make sure you update your addons regularly (again, their local site is here)

If your localization is non-English, the auras will not work right away. This can be corrected by bringing up the WeakAuras configuration with /wa, and for each aura, go to the "trigger" tab and change the spell name(s) from the English to your client's language. The only alternative to this would be using the spell ID, but this involves higher CPU use, and I would rather err on the side of making these as resource-light as possible.

How To Install
If you do not have WeakAuras installed:

Step 1: Locate your World of Warcraft install directory.

Step 2: Navigate to WTF/Account/ The folder(s) here are your account name(s). You'll need to replace YOURACCOUNT in the addon package with this, so copy it or write it down.

Step 3: Open the ESA zip file, open the WTF folder, the Account folder, and you'll see another folder named YOURACCOUNT. Replace this with whatever your account name was, from Step 2.

Step 4: Move back to the main ESA directory, select the WTF and Interface folders, copy them, and paste them into your WoW directory; This will automatically insert the files into the right spots.

Alternatively, you can simply copy the Interface folder as described in Step 4, and directly copy and paste the WeakAuras.lua from WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/SavedVariables in the package to the similar directory (with the proper account name) in your own directory. Either way works.

If you DO have WeakAuras installed, and hate your auras and want them to go away, just install as above. The new WeakAuras.lua will overwrite the old.

If you DO have WeakAuras installed, and want to save your existing auras (if you already use it for another class, for instance);

1> Update WeakAuras. It won't hurt these auras, and it's good to stay up to date.

2> Enter WoW and bring up the WeakAuras menu with /wa

3> Open up the ESA Import Strings text file in the package download. Each string has a title, and then a string of what looks like random characters. select each section of random characters (don't include the title, or multiple strings), hit ctrl-C to copy the text, then tab back into WoW, hit "new" in the WeakAuras menu, and select "import" from the menu. In the window that opens, hit ctrl-V to paste the string. An additional window should pop up with a preview and an "import" button if this is done correctly; click "import", and the aura set will be added.

4> Repeat step 3 for each additional aura.

Version 5.0.3
Slight bugfix due to some changes in WeakAuras, updated the included WA to the same version number for consistency.

Version 5.0.2
  • Added Elemental Blast trackers; there are two, one for Elemental and Restoration specs, the other for Enh. The trackers themselves are identical save for positioning; Enhancement has an extra bar and I had to slide it over to account for that. This, as with other talent-specific bars, will turn itself on or off depending on whether you have the talent or not.

Version 5.0.1
MoP pre-launch;
  • Resto bars and trackers added
  • Stormlash tracking improved
  • combined several groups into single groups (lava burst/lava surge for instance) to allow for easier importing
  • Ascendance tracker (included prior) now enabled by default.
  • WA install updated to, the most current version.
    This version SHOULD work in MoP after the Tuesday launch. Be on the lookout for updates to WeakAuras, however; if anything breaks, it's likely in the base addon. As always, the WeakAuras install can be freely updated without affecting the installed auras; the version included is solely to allow the package to be a one-step download.

Version 4.0.1
Testing scripts and commands for Resto release, and putting it in the changelog as a full version number so the version number will match the WoW patch numbers for convenience's sake.

Version 3.0.1
No changes to the addon, simply added a file with import strings, if you wish to use the WeakAuras import system

Version 3.0 Beta
Another full overhaul. I'm listing this as "Beta", but it should be fully functional for 5.0.4, the "Beta" status is merely to reflect that it's not ready for MoP yet (but it will be for launch!)

New features:
  • Full support for Enhancement Shaman! The auras automatically detect your spec and will load/unload accordingly.
  • Full "smart" support for talents! Now, every time you change your talents (at this point, just Ancestral Swiftness/Elemental Mastery/Echo of the Elements), the auras detect which you're using, and enable/disable the auras as needed.
  • Full integration for 5.0.4! Everything's been updated for the current patch, and the version of WeakAuras is the most recent release candidate for 5.0.4 as well.

Version 2.0
The addon has been completely redesigned and updated, as well as moved from PowerAurasClassic as the engine, to WeakAuras, mostly for a few features such as progress bars that WA supports while PAC does not, at least yet.

Version 1.1a Update
Slight bugfix; the Lava Surge tracker was working solo, but not in party/raid. This has been corrected and it should work under all circumstances.

Version 1.1 Update
Not much different, since I'm in general happy with how they're working as of 4.0.6. The changes are as follows;
  • Spiritwalker's Grace tracker is enabled by default (it isn't changed otherwise)
  • Unleash Elements tracker removed, since it's only used during movement as it is and it felt unnecessary.
  • Most significant, Power Auras has been updated and is now capable of tracking Lava Surge properly. The aura will trigger right as Lava Surge procs, not at the end of your GCD as the old tracker was forced to, as a workaround. The flame auras on either side of the HUD are now keyed to Lava Surge not LvB, and there's an additional new Lava Surge overlay for the LvB tracker as well.
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Unread 12-19-12, 11:30 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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I'm a little bit older (50+) an my english is not really good.
I like your Shaman - version for Weak Auras, but the problem is, that the bars are in my unitframes.
Is it possible, to move all togehter or mußt i take one for one to another place?
I wish a merry christmas if this is my last comment!


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Unread 12-14-12, 02:06 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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As DoonDoon said Earth Sheild is behaving a bit strange, if you have the time, please try to fix it
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Unread 10-08-12, 05:11 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Wow good job, love this, just 1 slight issue (there is always 1 lol) i am resto and the earth shield monitor is awesome but it acts really strangely, like it just goes up and down all the time on off on off on off doesn't just loose 1 blip when earth shield looses a stack, just a bit in your face, would be nice to have a solution perhaps?
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Unread 03-06-12, 05:14 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Awesome job Endus. As much as I liked the power auras one, this one feels much cleaner.
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Unread 04-06-11, 11:55 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Do yeah. I'm really bad about checking comments here. Sorry folks.

Evalaa; I completely redid that for the update, so it now tracks Lava Surge properly, not just LvB.

The code for those two is;
Version:4.16; anim1:2; icon:spell_shaman_lavasurge; buffname:Lava Surge!; x:-162; bufftype:13; texture:163; alpha:1; isResting:0; speed:1.5; groupOrSelf:true; size:1; y:-21; finish:3
Version:4.16; anim1:2; icon:spell_shaman_lavasurge; buffname:Lava Surge!; x:162; bufftype:13; texture:163; alpha:1; symetrie:1; isResting:0; speed:1.5; groupOrSelf:true; combat:true; size:1; y:-21; finish:3

Ylarion; that's Dominos action bars. They have an included totem bar, and that's it.
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Unread 02-02-11, 07:07 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Hi Endus,

i'd like to know what's your totem addon. It seems to show all three pages of the bar at the same time.
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Unread 12-28-10, 12:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Lava Surge.

Hello Endus!

Question: I've spent aaaaages setting up my own Power Auras, and everything I need is there. Now, I really like my own settings, so I'm not looking to download your whole package. However, there's one thing about this setup that I really like; the red stuff around your fat lil' dwarf.

Now, I assume that this is the power-aura for 'amagad-lvb-is-ready-click-NAO'.
If it's not, you can disregard this comment.

If it is, however, would it be possible to export the settings for this (and only this) Power Aura, into a comment on this page?

Thanks in advance!
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