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Updated: 01-19-11 12:15 PM
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Updated:01-19-11 12:15 PM
Created:01-19-11 12:15 PM


Version: Release 1.0
by: oldchap32 [More]

This is a simple buff/debuff raid checker. When you ask in raid with the proper command, it will check all buff/debuffs matching the terms you used and report back into raid chat. only one person need to have it enabled for the whole raid to be able to use it.

in raid just type : !bch <terms>

it can manage up to 10 terms and you just have to separate them with underscores like : !bch flask_elixir_fortitude

you dont even have to type a full word, this can be shortened using : !bch flas_elix_tude

More options to come with next version.

Warning : for now if multiples people using in the same raid, you'll get somehow spammed...

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