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Updated: 03-28-11 03:05 AM
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Updated:03-28-11 03:05 AM
Created:03-28-11 03:05 AM


Version: 1.0
by: Recompense [More]

This is a simple addon made by request to keep track of your personal contribution to your guild's guild bank by way of Cash Flow.

The printout frame gives you a "trip meter" of your Cash Flow contributions, and mousing over it reveals a total contribution for your character since you started monitoring it.

You can click on the large frame to shrink it to a smaller size, where it's not as visible.

Use "/mmo r trip" to reset the "trip meter" back to zero, but leave the total unscathed. Useful for seeing how much Cash Flow money you contribute in a given instance, or raid.

Use "/mmo r all" to permanently wipe out your contribution history.

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