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A Clockwork Warcraft

Version: 0.2.1
by: e42randy [More]

Updated! Make sure to check the change log!

A Clockwork Warcraft brings a little touch of that Burgess finesse to your WoW experience! No longer will you have to settle for the mundane understandability of standard English; now you can speak to friends and strangers in Nadsat, the slang language in A Clockwork Orange! Simply type your chats as you normally would, and A Clockwork Warcraft will translate it to Nadsat.

Still a work in progress, A Clockwork Warcraft has basic functionality, with more to come. This is my third AddOn, and the first with a lot of chat manipulation, so it may be a bit of time to get this all done. So far:


  • A dictionary of Nadsat terms
  • Nadsat translation works in all chat channels (raid, guild, say, group...)
  • Disable/enable with a command
  • Set AddOn to translate everything, half, or a third of what it can. Helps if people get confused/agitated/overwhelmed
  • Also lets you translate a message without actually saying anything in a chat channel
  • Built in commands to explain the AddOn to chat channels. Now people will only think you're slightly crazy.

To Be Implemented/Fixed
  • Dictionary can always use more expansion. Leave a comment with any changes you can think of!
  • Capitalization does not carry over on translated words
  • Change in the way slash commands are processed, so its not so convoluted for the explain commands.
  • A catchy image of a gnomish clockwork Alex. Apparently I suck at msPaint. I need to spend more time on it.
  • Problems you find or ideas you have! Leave a comment!

  • '/nadsat' or '/nadsat help' - Displays status and commands
  • '/nadsat <on>/<off>' - Enables/Disables A Clockwork Warcraft
  • '/nadsat <message>' - Translates a message only you can see
  • '/nadsat <1>/<2>/<3>' - Sets AddOn to translate <all>/<half>/<a third> of what it can.
  • '/nadsat <explaing>/<explainr>/<explainp>/<explains>' - Plays a standard message in <guild>/<raid>/<party>/<say> that tries to explain what's going on with your chat messages.

v0.2.1 Changes
  • Updated TOC file to reflect the new game version. This addon will now run without enabling Outdated AddOns. That's it. Sorry, taking a break from the game atm.

v0.2.0 Changes
  • Fixed the '/nadsat credits' command. It *should* work for once! ... If anyone even noticed...
  • Added a chance command. '/nadsat 1' sets addon to translate everything it can, '/nadsat 2' half, and '/nadsat 3' a third. Useful if people get annoyed too easily with everything translated. Defaulted to 1, and you can still turn it completely off with '/nadsat off'. This chance affects '/nadsat <msg>' as well.
  • Will now translate words that have any of { !')*,-.? } at the end. Punctuate away!
  • Expanded the dictionary to match more plurals, conjugations, etc. Please feel free to recommend any changes/fixes/suggestions.
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Amazing. You deserve a favorite!
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Should be one of the included game translations, if not the default one.

kúdan: im playing pantheon
JRCapablanca: no youre not
** Pantheon has been Banned. **
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