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Updated: 10-22-14 09:28 PM
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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Updated:10-22-14 09:28 PM
Created:10-07-11 09:11 PM


Version: 1.1.2
by: Seerah [More]

This addon affects the UIErrorsFrame. This is the part of your screen where errors such as "Spell is not ready yet", "Out of range", etc.

NOTE: I noticed while in a dungeon last night that the boss emote frame is also being moved. I had not realized that it was anchored to the UIErrorsFrame. The next version will fix this. Also note, that your quest progress appears in the UIErrorsFrame, so... Unless you pay more attention to your quest tracker and/or sounds for that info, you probably shouldn't move it off screen.
NOTE 2: I still haven't added in code for this yet (will really really be in the next version), but there is a background displayed for all 3 message frames now when toggling /moe so that you can see where they are located.

  • Move your error messages out of the way of another UI element
  • Move your error messages closer to the center so that you see them better
  • Move your error messages off screen so you never see them again
  • NEW: Condense boss emotes into the raid warning frame

  1. Type /moveovererrors or /moe to show or hide the current location of the UIErrorsFrame.
  2. Type /moveovererrors or /moe again, followed by a location in order to place the frame wherever you wish.
    anchor = the side of the screen the UIErrorsFrame should go to
    (options: top, bottom, left, right, center, topleft, bottomleft, topright, bottomright)
    x-offset = the number of pixels left (negative number) or right (positive number) to shift from the anchor point
    y-offset = the number of pixels up (positive number) or down (negative number) to shift from the anchor point
  3. Type /moveovererrors condense or /moe condense to toggle condensing raid boss emotes into the raid warning frame.

For example... For the placement in the screenshot to the right, I used
/moe bottom 0 250

Can I use your code/textures?
All use of my code and textures separate from their addons must be for your own personal use and may not be redistributed separate from the addon. You may use snippets of my code in addons you intend to distribute only after receiving permission, and credit must be given.

Can I redistribute your addons?
My addons may only be redistributed in UI compilations, and any mention of the addon must point to its download page or my portal, both on wowinterface.

How can I give feedback?
Feel free to leave your comments/questions on the addon's download page, but all bug reports and feature requests need to go to my portal if you want me to remember to do them.

Do you accept cookies?
I love cookies! Unfortunately, they may turn to crumbs in the mail. Instead, you may donate to my cookie fund via PayPal.

- updated TOC number for WoD

- updated TOC for MoP

- bumped TOC to 40300
- can condense boss emotes into raid warning frame
- bg frames for all three message frames and test messages when toggling /moe

- fix for positioning error (still no code to separate other message frames from the errors frame)
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Unread 10-30-11, 08:02 PM  
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Oops - I'm not sure what I did to not get that error when making this, but I'll get this fixed!
"You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are." -Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

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Unread 10-30-11, 06:59 PM  
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I tried using this addon today and got the following error:

1x MoveOverErrors-1.0\moe.lua:6: Usage: UIErrorsFrame:SetPoint("point" [, region or nil] [, "relativePoint"] [, offsetX, offsetY])
<in C code>
MoveOverErrors-1.0\moe.lua:6: in function <MoveOverErrors\moe.lua:4>
MoveOverErrors-1.0\moe.lua:32: in function <MoveOverErrors\moe.lua:30>

anchor = nil
x = nil
y = nil
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