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Version: 4
by: papasol [More]

Glamour is a stand-alone replacement for the default Blizzard Achievement Alert frame. It currently offers the following improvements over the Blizzard built-in alert interface:

  • draggable anchor for relocating where your achievements are shown on your screen.
  • increases the amount of alerts from 2 to 24 allowing your screen to really pop when you fire multiple achievements together.
  • adds the ability to instantly hide an alert frame by right-clicking it.
  • left-clicking the alert frame will now open the achievement interface without closing all other open windows.
  • Captures Blizzard Achievement Alerts (Personal and Guild)
  • Captures Blizzard Dungeon Completion Alerts
  • Captures Blizzard battle.net Toast Alerts
  • Full set of slash commands to operate and test alerts.

In addition Glamour allows other addons to send customized alerts to its' frame, mirroring the fun and attention grabbing nature of the original Blizzard Achievement Alert frame. I created this interface to have a shared frame to hold alerts for when multiple addons fire alerts together. Developers are welcome to plugin to the alert interface for their own addons as well.

Suggested Addons
For an example of addons that utilize this interface see:
Titan CurrencyTracker supports Glamour alerts for Token/Currency changes.
Titan Reputation supports Glamour alerts for Faction Standing Changes.
GlamourQuestGuru adds glamour notifications when completing quests: requires QuestGuru.
Titan Archaeology supports Glamour alerts for fragments and alerts for completed artifacts.

Plugging-in Details
* GlamourShowAlert(size, data, glow, shine)
	-- size: numeric
	--  	width of the alert frame with the following predefinded values
	--  	0 : Shows just the Icon and IconFrame along with ttext and bttext from the data fields. This mode also hides the shine effect.
	--  	1 : Default size (width 300);
	--  	* : any other number will be used as a specific size to resize the width too. 300 is the default size, use this as a starting point.
	-- data: keytable: 
	-- 	Text = Text to display
	-- 	Title = Title to display
	-- 	bTitle = text to display on the border of the guild alert frame.
	-- 	Icon = icon path to display
	-- 	tText = text to display at the top of the icon
	-- 	bText = text to display at the bottom of the icon
	-- 	Points = numeric value to display ontop of the shield icon (0 for nothing)
	--  	ShieldHide = Boolean (true or false ) hides the shield icon on the right of the frame. (This does not Hide shieldPoints).
	--	ShieldIcon = String containing the path to a custom Icon/Texture to use in place of the regular shield.
	--  	FrameStyle = String to identify the type of frame to use for your alert.
	--  		nil: Use the default Blizzard Achievement style.
	--  		GuildAchievement: Use the Blizzard Guild Achievement style.
	--  		Notice: A small alert that handles a single line/short sentence of text.
	--  	HideBanner = Boolean (true or false ) hides the banner and banner border textures when useGuildAch is active
	--  	BannerColor = keytable: {r,g,b} or nil for default - the rgb values to use for the banner color when useGuildAch is active.
	--  	HideGlow = Boolean (true or false) hides the glow effect on the alert window.
	--  	HideShine = Boolean (true or false) hides the shine effect on the alert window.
	-- glow: keytable: {r,g,b} or nil for default - the rgb values to use for the glow animation
	-- shine: keytable: {r,g,b} or nil for default - the rgb values to use for the shine animation
Sample Function Call:
function GlamourAlertSample()
	local MyData = {};
	MyData.Text = "General Text";
	MyData.Title = "Title";
	MyData.bTitle = "bTitle";
	MyData.Icon = "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Misc_QuestionMark";
	MyData.tText = "tText";
	MyData.bText = "bText";
	MyData.FrameStyle = FrameStyle;
	MyData.ShieldHide = false;
	MyData.ShieldIcon = false;
	MyData.ShieldText = "shieldText";
	MyData.HideGlow = false;
	MyData.HideShine = false;
	MyData.ShowBanner = true;
	MyData.BannerColor = {r=.2,g=.2,b=.8};
	local green = {r=0,g=1,b=0};
	local red = {r=1,g=0,b=0 };
	 GlamourShowAlert(1, MyData, nil, nil);
	 GlamourShowAlert(1, MyData, red, green);
	 GlamourShowAlert(0, MyData, nil, nil);
	 GlamourShowAlert(0, MyData, red, green); 
	 GlamourShowAlert(400, MyData, green, red); 
	 GlamourShowAlert(200, MyData, red, green); 
	 GlamourShowAlert(1, MyData, nil, nil);
	 GlamourShowAlert(1, MyData, red, green);

ported addon from curse
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