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Version: r1.3
by: Acca85 [More]


This addOn let's you preview item reforges/upgrades; meaning you can see what the item stat will be after reforge/upgrade, used along with RatingBuster can help you understand if an item it's o it's not an upgrade to you easily.

Bring up the window by writing /srp or /reforgep
This is what it looks like on my UI, it will use Aurora (if present) to skin itself.

Insert the item in the editbox, it will accept items names or item IDs or item links.

To select your item by name just write it's name in the box and press ok.

To select by itemid just insert the id in the editbox and press ok. You can find an item id on wowhead; ex:

insert 49623 in the editbox to reforge a shadowmourne.

To select by link give focus to the editbox by clicking in it, then shift-click an item from your inventory/chat/atlasloot etc. then press ok.

At any time, if you have a valid link in the editbox if you pass you mouse over it the tooltip for that item will be shown.

Pressing the Reforge button a mený will apper, navigate to your reforge and click; the item link inside the editbox will change to reflect your current modified item and a link for that item will be printed in chat.

Use the "No gems" button to remove the gems on the item. If you have balcksmithing the addon will place the additional socket on bracers/gloves/belts.
As for the reforge, when you clear the gems the new link will be printed in the chat.

Use the "No enchant" button to remove any enchant. The modified link will be printed.

The "Restore item" button will undo every change you made to the item and set the untouched itemlink inside the editbox again.

Known bug (if you wanna call it so):
You can reforge ANY stat on an item, even if it's not present.
Your item has 100 Mastery and 100 Crit
You can reforge Mastery into crit; the item will show
60 Mastery
100 Crit
40 Crit
You can even reforge 0 value stat.
Exaple: On the same item as before you can reforge Haste to mastery
Your item link will show
100 Mastery
100 Crit
0 Mastery
I don't think it's a big deal so I've no interest in fixing this as now.

If you find any bug or have suggestions please send a comment.

Fix for Removeupgrade
Fixed a copy-paste leftover
ToC Bump for 5.1
Added Item Upgrade Preview
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