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Version: 3.13
by: Mirtis [More]

This is the addon compilation i use for PvE purposes, mainly designed for 1600x900 Resolution.

2. Delete the 3 previously mentioned folders from your WoW folder.
3. Copy the contents of the ZIP file into the WOW folder.
4. Open the new WTF folder and then the Account folder located in it.
5. Rename the folder called “YOUR ACCOUNT NAME” to your account name. Make sure it is in all Uppercase.
6. Open the folder and rename the folder “YOUR REALM NAME” to the name of your realm.
7. Open the folder and rename the folder “YOUR CHARACTER NAME” to your Character’s name.
8. Log into WOW and make sure that all of the add-ons are enabled and make sure to enable out of date add-ons.
9. Use " MirtisUI " profile for the Bartender4, Raven, Skinner and Prat 3.0 if they don't look as expected.
10. Enjoy.

AddOns used:
Addon Control Panel[Sylvanaar] - Ingame addon management
Afterfonts[Game92] - Changes ingame fonts
Aptechka[d87] - Raid Frames
Auctionator[Zirco] - AuctionHouse
Aurora: Missing textures[Tonyleila] - Re-skins WoW Buttons
Bartender4[Nevcairiel] - Actionbar modifier
Bigwigs[Funkydude, Ammo, Rabbit] - Boss encounter warnings
Bimbo[Tekkub] - unenchanted/ungemmed Reminder
Butsu[Haste] - Loot frame replacement
Cellular[Totalpackage] - Instant messenger for whispers
FreebTip[Freebaser] - Custom Tooltips
!Freezing[Syliha] - Various small UI tweaks
GreedBeacon[Tekkub] - need/greed tracker
GuildRosterButtons[Suicidalkatt] - Changes the Guild roster dropdown menu into buttons
IHasNoScope[Zork] - Various small UI tweaks
InfinityPlates[Dawn] - Numberized nameplates
Masque / Masque:Renaitre[StormFX/Limb0] - Dynamic button skinning
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text[Mikord] - Modified battle text
monoMap[Monolit] - Map modifier
oUF / oUF_NIN / oUF_Movableframes[Haste/Nin/Haste] - Unitframes
Postal[Xinhuan] - Enhanced mailbox
Raven[Tojaso] - Multi-functional buff/debuff customizer
Recap[Hawksy, Renews] - Advanced damage/healing meter
ReforgedTooltip[Emelio] - Shows what stat was reforged in item tooltips
rInfoStrings[Zork] - Some strings with info
rRaidFlare[Zork] - Simple RaidFlare mod
rChat[Zork] - Simple chat mod
Skinner[Jncl] - Changes the look of the default UI
SpellID[Silverwind] - Adds spellIDs to tooltip
tekErr[Tekkub] - Error manager
tekJunkSeller[Tekkub] - Automatically vendors grey items
tekKrush[Tekkub] - Removes the need to Confirm disenchanting
teksLoot[Tekkub] - Minimalistic group loot frames
wMmap[Weasoug] - Minimalistic minimap

Useful Information:
/apt - Aptechka's command list
/omf - to unlock unit frames
/rflare - to unlock raidflare frame
/wmp - wMmap's command list
--- Middle mouse click on Minimap brings up the calendar.

Note: All credit for the addons goes to the original authors, i haven't made any of them. My apologies if i'm mistaken about any of the Authors' names.

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Unread 01-19-12, 06:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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glad you liked the way it looks.
the raidframes are "Shot glass raid frames"made by danltiger and Pinghansen.
about the problem with unitframes text it's because of the font in oUF_Langley, it does not support anything but normal English alphabet. in order to fix this issue you need to put your desired font's file inside the Media folder of oUF_Langley and then change the name of the used font for names and such in Langley_config.lua between Lines 232-238 to what you want it to be. hope it helps abit
about tidy plates and infinity plates difference, i personally prefered infinity plates because i did not need the debuff timer on plates, but i'll add platebuffs for that in next update since some might need it.
also, i've recently updated the UI with New unitframes(oUF_Hank) and used a rather minimal version of Forte instead of Coolline, plus Nugrunning as buff/debuff timer.
hope this one satisfies you better.
Last edited by Mirtis : 01-19-12 at 11:14 PM.
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Unread 01-19-12, 11:51 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Great job. Raid frames look so cute
I think it would be better to change coolline with fortexorcist.
As for me, I added tidy plates, they look much better and more informative.
Btw need some help.
What should I do to replace this question marks into russian text.

Best regards.
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