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Konungr's UI Part 1 - WTF (Updated July 2013)

Version: 1.5
by: Konungr [More]

UPDATED - July 8th 2013

This is the beginning of my UI compilation.

WTF Folder - This should be what most are looking for, it houses the Saved Variables/Profiles of all of the addons.

Prior to starting the game, back-up your current WTF folder, rename it or move it to another folder and place this one in. Make sure to change the 3 folder names from ACCOUNTNAME, ServerName, and CharcterName to the ones that match your specifics.

Konungr's UI Thread (MoP)

If you have any Questions or Comments about anything within my UI or this download, you are free to post on the comments page, find me in-game (Konungr - US Illidan - <Unleash>) (BattleTag: Konungr#1372), find me on FluidDruid, or at my thread on the Tuk/Elv UI Forums. My preferred method for contacting me for anything related to my UI would be my thread at Tuk/Elv. You can also see my UI in action in my 10 man Progression Feral PoV videos on my YouTube channel.

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