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Konungr's UI Part 4 - Kon's Elv Lua Edits (Updated July 2013)

Version: 1.3
by: Konungr [More]

UPDATED - July 8th 2013

These are edits that I have made to the Lua of various files within the ElvUI Comp to achieve my personal preferences. This folder also includes the Empty statusbar texture I use for Omen and Skada.

The following files have been added. They are set-up in such a way that you only need drop the ElvUI folder into your addons folder and merge/overwrite.

  • media\sharedmedia (adds more texture options)
    modules\datatexts\system (Changes the color of the "Green/Good" Latency/FPS to "ElvUI Blue"

The sharedmedia.lua is edited to include the Empty texture, along with the 7 Chat Panel Textures I have uploaded separately, within the code so that it can be used by Skada/Omen and whatever else you like.

The system.lua is for the System Datatext (FPS/MS). All this does is changes the "Good" color of Frames per Second and Latency to the same blue that I use for my Value Color within the Elv Config (1783d1). If your Value Color (The color of your Chat Tabs and Datatexts) is not this color, or you want to keep your FPS/MS default Good color green, don't bother with this file.


Konungr's UI Thread (MoP)

If you have any Questions or Comments about anything within my UI or this download, you are free to post on the comments page, find me in-game (Konungr - US Illidan - <Unleash>) (BattleTag: Konungr#1372), find me on FluidDruid, or at my thread on the Tuk/Elv UI Forums. My preferred method for contacting me for anything related to my UI would be my thread at Tuk/Elv. You can also see my UI in action in my 10 man Progression Feral PoV videos on my YouTube channel.

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