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WoW PuG: Builder

Version: v2.8.1
by: killerpet1986 [More]

This addon is designed to help you to set up "PuGs" for raids

LF{x}M {Raid Name} - Need {x} Tank {classes}, {x} Healer {classes}, {x} Melee DPS {classes}, {x} Ranged DPS {classes} - {Custom Message}


Raid Planner

  • Customize how many tanks, healers, melee and ranged you need
  • Drag and drop the tanks, healers, melee and ranged to fill in their roles
  • Set what classes you want for that role or leave it blank (e.g. Warrior Tank or Priest Healer)
  • Add a custom message to the end
  • Add quest, achievement and item links to your message by Shift clicking them
  • Select how many seconds to wait between announces
  • Auto-announce the message every x seconds in channel 1/2/3/4

Whisper Tracker
  • Records the last 5 messages sent/received by each person allowing you to easily know what role they are
  • Shift Click the frame to invite the person
  • Ctrl Click the frame to remove the frame

Other Features
  • Phrases such as "LFM" and "Tank" can be changed to whatever you want
  • Amount of tanks, healers, melee, ranged required and custom message are saved on a per raid name basis (e.g. 2 tanks for icc10 and 3 tanks for icc25)
  • Message can be in the format "LF{x}M" (English only) (e.g. LF4M ICC10 ...)
  • LDB Support

Slash commands

* /wpg show - Shows the window
* /wpg phrase <Original Phrase> <New Phrase> - Allows you to change the words (type /wpg in game for more info)
* /wpg achi <Achi Link> - Displays the ID of the achievement to use with {Achi ID}

( /wpg, /wowpug or /wowpugbuilder can be used)

This addon is awesome! How do I give you my money?

You dont need to donate, simply downloading and leaving a comment is good enough for me. On the other hand, if you want to leave a nice comment AND donate you can do so by clicking the donate button below.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Note: Ignore the "LFG List" section at the moment, it is currently in development and will be moved to a separate addon when it is complete

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A Kobold Labourer

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Hi there,

first - very nice addon.
Nearly exactly what i'm looking for.

two more questions:
и Is there a way to confige dps "overall"? If isn't neccessary if ranged or melee, just DPS?
и Is it possible to track the role of each player and automatically put them in the right group? (Heal/Tank/DPS, whatever)

Would be great!

Thanks in advance!

I've edited the lua to fit my LFG-Channel. It's always at channel 6, so i customized the lua to fit my requirements
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